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#3548135725749520 - GBC Bugs Bunny: Crazy Castle 3 (USA, Europe) in 21:58.92 by Brandon Evans

In 21:58.92 (78776 frames), 3164 rerecords
13281 views, 1381 downloads
Uploaded 12/29/2012 6:32 PM by Brandon (2 files)
I thought the world was going to end, so I thought the best way to go out was with a Bugs Bunny: Crazy Castle 3 TAS. Then it didn't. Now, I'm stuck finishing this mess.
In reality, I actually wanted to do a run of this game before the NES version because this is the game I grew up with (Though I was unlucky and had the black and white version [not that it matters too much as I'm Red-Green Colorblind]). The reason I switched over to the NES version, which I was less familiar with, is obvious: there was no way TASVideos would accept the run considering how many times you have to go in and out of doors, sucking the entertainment value out. Now that the Vault is around, which I'm very happy about, regardless of how much publishing work it has made for me, I am now free to make this run like I originally wanted to. BizHawk having GB support now is icing on the cake, as I contribute to it but have never had a use for it. I will make sure to bug adelikat constantly fix issues if I come across them.
This run completes the first quarter of the game, "Garden." Although it seems like a long run-time, most of it is due to the stupid door transitions.


Door Dodging

The biggest trick I've utilized is the ability to avoid getting hit by enemies if you enter and exit doors while touching them. One place in which I do this that I'm sure to get comments about is in Stage 14, where I enter a door just to exit it. Some might wonder why I didn't just wait for Daffy to get out of the way. The problem is that if I did, that'd give enough time for the other Daffy to fall, which would waste far more time avoiding than entering the door. At the same time, collecting the item would do me no good, so I just exit as quickly as I can (The game forces you to take a few steps forward when entering a door before turning around). In all of the other cases, I had to enter the door anyway, so this trick saves a lot of time.

Luck Manipulation

Actually, as far as I can tell, unlike the NES version, there's nothing I can seemingly do to deter these enemies; they just follow your movement. Surely I can still use this to trick them, but I've yet to find a case in which this was useful. The other annoying part is that some of the enemies seem to only start moving when you enter their area (Or perhaps they were only spawned at that point). Any ideas for this would be helpful.

Optimizing Movement

OK, I've probably been a little lazy with this. I've tried to make a habit of doing a few things, like stop moving on a warp or up space to trigger them as quickly as possible, or stop climbing in such a way that I don't trigger the falling animation or perhaps keep running. I'm not even sure if either of these help anything...I'm having a hard time caring. This game consists of so many lag frames and it's hard to believe there's much room for improvement here. But, I would please invite people to prove me wrong before it's too late. The one place in particular to look is the door scenes, as I've written a crude Lua script to automate them.

#2725020793014136 - NES StarTropics II: Zoda's Revenge (USA) "beats Chapter 3" in 18:36.8 by Brandon Evans & Randil

In 18:36.84 (67121 frames), 16304 rerecords
10243 views, 1183 downloads
Uploaded 11/22/2012 4:53 PM by Brandon (2 files)
I haven't worked on this run in a long time, so I figured I might as well take advantage of this new WIP system to show what we currently have. Hopefully, I will find time to complete this run in the not so far future. Randil has a wonderful work ethic, but our current workflow is for him to run each level and for me to re-run it for improvements, so I am holding him back for now as I attend to school and other TASVideos projects.
This run is a major improvement over the published movie (41.42 seconds) as well as Randil's original WIP (13.32 seconds). This is done by better navigation and boss fights, implementing a skip that Sonikkustar found, performing a jumping glitch found by Randil, and actually using the pig glitch to our advantage. That being said, it's definitely improvable thanks to skips that scaryice82 found. The only one we could have used at this point is in Chapter 2. Here are two others.