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#637923221575114415 - River City Ransom Secret Boss WIP - Dragon Twins

River City Ransom EX Secret Boss.bk2
In 09:10.13 (32858 frames), 14744 rerecords
Game: River City Ransom EX (GBA)
0 views, 30 downloads
Uploaded 7/2/2022 1:29 AM by Chamale (6 files)
Work in progress

#637872569430201149 - Pokemon Yellow TAS - Faster Brock route

In 11:53.04 (42638 frames), 41675 rerecords
54 views, 29 downloads
Uploaded 5/4/2022 10:29 AM by Chamale (6 files)
This test run only fights a Rattata and a mandatory Bug Catcher before Brock's gym, and clears the gym 30 seconds faster than the existing TAS.

#637836625324700877 - Pokemon Yellow Butterfree% Route Test

In 1:51:15.50 (399245 frames), 176062 rerecords
108 views, 38 downloads
Uploaded 3/23/2022 8:02 PM by Chamale (6 files)
Uses Rangersquid's input for the first half, with a route change to use confusion status instead of Hyper Beam for tough fights.

#17016552579724203 - Pokemon Blue - Brock Through Walls Test

Pokemon Blue - Deathwarp Underflow Route.bkm
In 10:36.97 (38045 frames), 5903 rerecords
11202 views, 1692 downloads
Uploaded 8/28/2014 7:51 AM by Chamale (6 files)
Unfortunately, the currently planned Bulbasaur/Pidgey route runs into this problem in the Saffron City Pokemon Center - the game must be reset before healing or talking to other NPCs. Recorded in Bizhawk 1.6

#12951555061300408 - Pokemon Blue - Junk Text Glitch

In 07:54.30 (28329 frames), 2338 rerecords
11585 views, 1197 downloads
Uploaded 2/26/2014 6:12 AM by Chamale (6 files)
A new glitch in Pokemon Blue (and presumably Red) that involves using the black-out variant of the Trainer-Fly glitch and then talking to the old man of Missingno. fame. Recorded in Bizhawk 1.5.3. If someone can find the source of the junk data and turn it into something useful, as with MrWint's current glitched run, this could lead to a substantial improvement. The gameplay itself is far from optimized, Squirtle should be able to knock out Charmander with 3 Critical Hits and a wild Pikachu could knock out Charmander with 2 Critical Hits.

#12661790280580395 - River City Ransom Faster Input, Slower Ending

RCRfasterbetterstronger - cutshort.fm2
In 05:46.56 (20828 frames), 43990 rerecords
Game: River City Ransom (FDS)
9583 views, 1668 downloads
Uploaded 2/13/2014 5:01 AM by Chamale (6 files)
An alternative version of my River City Ransom TAS. If no input is made after the input ends, the final boss will defeat himself in 15 seconds. The input file is 10 seconds shorter but the total gameplay is 5 seconds longer.