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#637813875901235532 - Tigger Lv6 faster Rnd3 but slower overall

Tigger Lv6Rnd3 7fr ahead, can't convert.bk2
In 18:35.25 (66915 frames), 10449 rerecords
Uploaded 2/25/2022 12:06 PM by CoolKirby (see all 22)
N64 Tigger's Honey Hunt, 7 frames faster strat for Round 3 but bad resulting RNG causes me to lose them.

#637813875715432299 - Tigger Lv6 faster Rnd2 but slower overall

Tigger Lv6Rnd2 5fr ahead, can't convert.bk2
In 18:09.98 (65399 frames), 10438 rerecords
Uploaded 2/25/2022 12:06 PM by CoolKirby (see all 22)
N64 Tigger's Honey Hunt, 5 frames faster strat for Round 2 but bad resulting RNG causes me to lose them. Includes a pause/unpause to save another frame.

#637813855046346261 - 7310S improvement - Tigger's Honey Hunt

Tigger's Honey Hunt TAS - 199fr improved PureInterpreter.bk2
In 19:23.50 (69810 frames), 10535 rerecords
Uploaded 2/25/2022 11:31 AM by CoolKirby (see all 22)
199 frames (3.3167 seconds) saved from Level 6, though it ends there as Level 7 desyncs (not a full run). Level 6 is an RNG level we don't fully understand yet, but these were the fastest throws I could get in a single four-round game.

#74969493952058015 - Atari 7800 Choplifter glitch effects

In 01:09.34 (4155 frames), 1276 rerecords
Game: Choplifter ( A7800, see all files )
Uploaded 10/20/2021 6:08 AM by CoolKirby (see all 22)
Demonstrates different things the ground rotate glitch can do, like printing graphics to the screen, crashing, and automatically resetting the game.
Uses BizHawk 2.6.3. Doesn't sync in 2.7. Author's commentary is included as Subtitles.

#74821290378450750 - Frogger 2 (GBC) Phantom Log glitch

In 00:52.89 (3178 frames), 215 rerecords
Game: Frogger 2 ( GBC, see all files )
Uploaded 10/13/2021 1:57 PM by CoolKirby (see all 22)
Found a new glitch that lets you hop on water under certain conditions. I've tentatively named it Phantom Log. Apparently when you touch the corner of a passing log's hitbox, you have an 11-frame window to hop onto a water tile adjacent to it. Though on frame 2318, Frogger seems to be able to stay on water for up to 40 frames with only one edge of a log near him. More testing is needed.
There are also water tiles like the first one I step on that are always safe to land on. Maybe the developers forgot to set them as hazardous.
Having hitboxes visible might make this easier to diagnose. They shouldn't be too hard to find with RAM Watch.
Uses BizHawk 2.6.3. Author's commentary is included as Subtitles. They appear at a Y-Position of 480 if your BizHawk window is big enough.

#36222432332944819 - Kirby's Adventure 2157 on BizHawk

In 00:35.89 (2157 frames), 36794 rerecords
Uploaded 1/9/2017 6:28 AM by CoolKirby (see all 22)
Redid the whole glitch section to match FCEUX's less accurate emulation. The final Start input now is usually needed to be held for a second frame to prevent a crash (and allow a warp to the credits instead).
Unless frames were saved before the slope clip, I can't see any way to improve this further.

#36139505031017285 - Daikatana organized watch file

John Romero's Daikatana (USA).wch
Uploaded 1/5/2017 12:50 PM by CoolKirby (see all 22)
A more organized watch file than the official address set.
Feel free to further organize however you like!

#36139448830487044 - Daikatana testrun to end of E2M2

In 08:13.33 (29600 frames), 9727 rerecords
Uploaded 1/5/2017 12:47 PM by CoolKirby (see all 22)
Made with BizHawk 1.11.6, but can run in BizHawk 2.2 by copying the input into a new bk2. BizHawk 2.2.1's minAnalogX&Y change breaks the Up and Left analog stick shortcuts, apparently due to a bug in Daikatana. But even this can be worked around by changing UDLR to analog stick positions, allowing it to sync in the newest BizHawk. I might provide an updated file in the future.
Includes author's commentary as Subtitles.

#23646612302554881 - Airlock submission on Level 3

In 00:55.79 (3343 frames), 221 rerecords
Game: Airlock ( A2600, see all files )
Uploaded 6/22/2015 9:56 PM by CoolKirby (see all 22)

#23626284926076097 - Airlock - 39 frame improvement

In 00:12.52 (750 frames), 738 rerecords
Game: Airlock ( A2600, see all files )
Uploaded 6/21/2015 11:57 PM by CoolKirby (see all 22)
39 frames saved on first floor
BizHawk 1.10.0, should play on BizHawk 1.9.4