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#74528226907463307 - Sonic 1 Rev00 TAS WIP


Uploaded 9/30/2021 9:11 AM by DarkShamilKhan (1 files)

For Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)

In 03:26.09 (12350 frames), 2250 rerecords

800 views, 72 downloads

This is the first revision of this game. The only things in this and the rev01 build are these.
  1. ) Green Hill clouds are moving in the Rev01 but not in rev00.
  2. ) Labyrinth zone underwater has water ripples.
  3. ) The stages are in order in the level select screen, and some bugs have been fixed.
This was released in US and Rev01 was also released in US. Most of the levels in this run is by me and only Green Hill Zone Act 2 is by Aglar. More info to come when I upload the full run.

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