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#51290095146435762 - Megaman Zero3 100% - Almost Done

01.3-MMZ3 100%WIPbyGeinuhayst.vbm
In 45:29.60 (163032 frames), 44600 rerecords
Uploaded 11/18/2018 8:19 PM by Geinuhayst (see all 3)

Emulator: VBA-rr v23.6

Rate of progress:

Here shows more progress below from the new four stages!

Area X-2:

There is nothing special to deal with before the boss fight. What I could do is just to make the wall climbing more efficient and to avoid a melee-kill that causes hit stop as always.

Boss: Copy X Mk.II

Since I need gun for the next stage, I begin the battle with a weapon combination with gun and saber instead of rod and saber which seems more efficient. In fact, rod do saves some frames in the fight but it's not worth an extra menu opening. Copy X is really an active boss because he always bounces around and changes form with invincible time. So I manipulate him to go with my combo to ensure I could beat him quickly.

Snowy Plains:

I didn't activate the Burst Shot ex-skill in the previous movie because it could lead to tons of frames lagged and make you get afraid of using a bustershot when equiping fire body chip. So in this stage, my gun fires without any limit including mid-boss fight. In the beginning, I turn and shoot the second skateboard enemy because if not do so, he will kill two shrimp enemies and cause hit stop. Yes, a damn teamkiller. Memorizing this, We can do some little tricks on the third stake boy to make him team-kill a newly spawned shellcrawler for us. Then we don't need to do a move-back-and-forth action to get its secret disk.

Boss: Glacier Le Cactank

Nothing special. However, in preparation for the incoming stage, I should change my fire chip to light body chip. It is for an "equipment combo effect" which allows you to perform an upslice attack when you are in the last slash of a triple-slash, making it useful for boss fights. So after performing the last fire attack in the battle, I get my body chip changed for faster combo speed.

Energy Facility:

I've changed body chip to light for the "equipment combo effect" last stage, so that Zero can kill the mid-boss instantly and do more damage boosting in the stage. The most notable part is the spiky road after defeating the mid-boss. Anyhow, I force the conveyer line go forward so that I can use it to get acceleration for Zero with only damaged by once, while most of current movies turn the conveyer line backwards and get hurt twice.

Boss: Cubit Foxtar

Combo, combo, over.

Giant Elevator:

I had spent most of my time on this annoying stage so that it finally had been under control. The most difficult part for TAS in this stage, probably the whole game, is the evelator battle. Before entering the stage, I activated the rod ex-skill "Soul Launcher" in 30 frames because it could help me a lot in the elevator part. Plus, in the elevator there is a mid-boss fight. The boss is special due to it can be "knocked down" by some attacks and when it's down, All damage that we inflict to it will be doubled. However, we don't have to "knocked down" it in the way of hurting it. We can just knock its body to make him down instead of getting its core damaged. So that we can perform a powerful charged slash on it, then continue on our combos.

Boss: Tretista Kelverian

A really tough battle since there are few chances for me to do luck manipulation. I thought that I was just lucky then.

So thanks for watching description such a long time. This movie is quite close to completion and I've carefully checked the following work. Trust me, it will be more fun.

#47848966849616776 - Megaman Zero3 100% - Half

01.2-MMZ3 100%WIPbyGeinuhayst.vbm
In 33:43.67 (120869 frames), 27933 rerecords
Uploaded 6/16/2018 8:59 PM by Geinuhayst (see all 3)
It has been a long time since I uploaded the first WIP because I've been bothered by piles of things then. But till now, I can be free to work on my movie and I will make faster progress later on.
Emulator: VBA-rr v23.6
Rate of progress: End of Anubis Necromancess V

#41884508689682888 - Megaman Zero3 100% - First peek

01.1-MMZ3 100%WIPbyGeinuhayst.vbm
In 13:10.55 (47218 frames), 9913 rerecords
Uploaded 9/21/2017 6:19 AM by Geinuhayst (see all 3)
Ah,it's a newbie here.And this is my first movie.I do feel lucky to take this project as my beginning,so I'll try my best to complete it!
Rate of progress:End of Blazin Flizard