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#66282179840980865 - Fixed Game Ending Glitch by Zlomus

In 00:57.92 (3481 frames), 7147 rerecords
Game: Battletoads ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 9/24/2020 12:28 AM by Koorvex (see all 4)

#66281983305428941 - NES Battletoads Improvements (Part 3)

In 01:55.91 (6966 frames), 9617 rerecords
Game: Battletoads ( NES, see all files )
6 comments, 349 downloads
Uploaded 9/24/2020 12:15 AM by Koorvex (see all 4)
You not gonna believe me but I found an right e-mail inside Zlomus pack and I've made contact with him. I just asked him for the help and he gave me THIS! This month was so special for me because I acquired some TAS skills and Zlomus explain me some pc mechanics which could be usable for TAS-ing. I was able to save 3 more frames at level 3 based on DyLaX optimization but the rest was done by Zlomus. Lobsterzelda asked for the help with level 3 glitch to reach warp point so I just asked him on the same thing and this is a result! I guess that you'll have many questions to him e.g. why his content was never published? (now I know the reasons but I guess this should be separated in another submission or maybe forum on the right topic?). Thanks to him we have a big improvements here guys!
Now I think that I done the right thing returning his lost content to him.

#65091017464812524 - NES Battletoads Improvements (Part 2)

In 19:24.11 (69962 frames), 125109 rerecords
Game: Battletoads ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 8/1/2020 9:00 AM by Koorvex (see all 4)
The same but for similar project.

#65090888083389644 - NES Battletoads Improvements (Part 1)

In 10:43.24 (38658 frames), 49857 rerecords
Game: Battletoads ( NES, see all files )
12 comments, 402 downloads
Uploaded 8/1/2020 8:52 AM by Koorvex (see all 4)
Lost forgotten improvements originally created by DyLaX but in future timed abandoned. The rest of the TAS is the same as already created by Lobsterzelda -> just nothing changed (which it was inspiration to publish this). So I decided to share it with you guys (possible it's only some of them, perhaps). Actually only one thing I was changed here by me and it's a moment when Rash was tried attacking the rat by a charge instead of punch (this giving us few frames improvement). Problem is that this changes lead us to get out of sync which wasn't fixed yet. If you wanna help to improve this TAS-es just use them and try to get syncs, if it's possibility at all. Best regards for all speed-running authors!