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#64501467603960130 - Super Luigi Land Wii 100% in 1:15:32

Newer Luigi.dtm
In 1:16:00.42 (854942 frames), 6910 rerecords
Uploaded 7/5/2020 7:47 PM by TheRandomMaster (see all 3)
Super Luigi Land Wii is a New Super Mario Bros. Wii fangame made by the New Luigi Team with new levels, difficulties, and a new ability too.

Tricks used are:
  • Enemy Boosting: Enemy boosting is a large or small amount of boosts in the air after bouncing off of an enemy on steep or gentle slopes only. The easiest way and can be actually done in real time is by bouncing off of mice. Others like goombas, koopas, etc are hard to do. It's sometimes hard to do it with frame advance. In this game, Enemy boosting was nearly impossible with most enemies.
  • Wall-jump cancelling: this trick is only possible with the Fire flower or the Ice flower. As soon as you wall jump on a wall, shoot a fire-ball of ice-ball and then quickly turn around after jumping off the wall. This will allow you to slowly gain height. Then repeat the process until you have reached wherever you wanted to be.
  • Back-flips: The players were most likely to back flip in this game than in the other hacks of this game. I kept my position long enough because I never touched the ground while back-flipping. Touching the ground while back-flipping may cause you to stop doing so if you're touching the ground too much.

Here is the encode:

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#61400427540195327 - Donkey Kong Country Returns [WIP] Worlds 1-6

Donkey Kong Country Returns Any%.dtm
In 1:02:39.42 (704763 frames), 6337 rerecords
Uploaded 2/17/2020 4:02 AM by TheRandomMaster (see all 3)
Donkey Kong Country Returns is the 2nd DK game on the Wii to ever be made. This game has also never been TASed since it's release, so I'm doing it now. I'm gonna need help finishing the game, because every time I go to world 8-1, my driver stops and recovers all because of that stupid driver update. I finished the game a couple of times using dolphin before the driver update, after the update, this started to happen, so please, help me make this happen. I really want this submitted to TASvideos. So I'm 3/4 done with the game leaving worlds 7-8 for anyone who wants to help. Here is the settings of my emulator, so it can sync perfectly. I'm using a wiimote. Not taking any risk of desyncs.

Config: General
  • Enable Dual Core: OFF
  • Enable Idle Skipping: OFF
  • Cheats: OFF

Config: Interface
  • Confirm On Stop: OFF
  • Use Panic Handlers: ON
  • Display Messages: ON

If done, please send me the dtm file, and the encode in this forum:

#56457459473490907 - Deluxe Super Mario Bros. Wii any% in 41:35.5

Deluxe SMBWii any%.dtm
In 41:35.50 (467774 frames), 5419 rerecords
Uploaded 7/9/2019 1:27 PM by TheRandomMaster (see all 3)
Deluxe Super Mario Bros. Wii is a NSMBW hack made by the NewerTeam which includes new levels, and more difficulties.

Tricks used in the game _
Enemy Boosting: Enemy boosting is a big or small speed boost in the air after bouncing on an enemy on slopes or down platforms only. The trickiest is the propeller versions. For the propeller versions, you need to hold the button you use to shake the wiimote a little earlier than regular enemy boosting.

In 1-2, I finally found a way to do the fastest enemy boosting by pressing back a few times every frame stepping on the koopa too.

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