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#637964568855631759 - Yu Yu Hakusho - Makyotoitsusen (J) playaround

Yu Yu Hakusho - Makyoutohissen (J) playaround by Truncated.gmv
In 10:28.73 (37675 frames), 2611 rerecords
Uploaded 8/18/2022 10:01 PM by Truncated (see all 22)
Plays through super difficulty and a 3vs1 match. Not submitted. From 2005-10-31.

#67385287550052960 - X-men 2 HUD

Uploaded 11/12/2020 4:46 PM by Truncated (see all 22)
Basic X-men 2 HUD. Original version by feos, updates by me.
Shows character and screen position, speed, acceleration. Bare-bones lag detector, since the built-in one in Gens doesn't detect lag in this game.

#60949290389503023 - HUD display for The Adventures of Batman and Robin v4

Uploaded 1/27/2020 8:26 PM by Truncated (see all 22)
Actually there is no version number but the file's latest change was 2017-01-19. I don't remember what was changed, but it's three years better/newer than previous upload.

#26095853500551368 - X-men 2: Clone Wars - Pyramid floor skip

X-Men 2 - Clone Wars (UE) [!] - Pyramid floor skip.bk2
In 00:15.04 (901 frames), 60 rerecords
Game: X-Men 2: Clone Wars ( Genesis, see all files )
Uploaded 10/11/2015 5:11 AM by Truncated (see all 22)
  • Get damaged during diagonal kick.
  • Jump, teleport up, hit rock.

#24508776408376192 - Mega Man 4 RNG predictor

MegaMan 4.lua
Uploaded 7/31/2015 5:48 PM by Truncated (see all 22)
RNG viewer and predictor.
Has a few bugs. Does not handle lag. Does not handle load state.

#22528320965302561 - Landstalker HUD

Uploaded 5/3/2015 1:13 PM by Truncated (see all 22)
HUD v0.0000001. Bonus damage and enemy HP.

#22158252089463586 - TAOBAR, 1-4 finished

Batman and Robin, The Adventures of (JU) [!] - 1-4 boss dead 18630.gmv
In 05:26.87 (19587 frames), 11279 rerecords
Uploaded 4/16/2015 9:14 PM by Truncated (see all 22)
Balloon nightmares. Batman and Robin take turns. Just watch it.
I considered switching to red weapon for Batman, since Red 5 has a very strong charged attack (240 per attack, same damage as charged Red 7) but the Joker spends too much time at the edges of the screen, so it isn't worth it. Too many projectiles will miss and the charge is gone pretty soon after the fight starts anyway. Went with Green 6 instead.
Curiously it's better to charge up Batman with the lower level weapon Green 6 instead of Robin with Green 7 for the boss.

#21093550024865252 - Alien Soldier WCH

Alien Soldier (Japan).wch
Uploaded 2/27/2015 10:27 PM by Truncated (see all 22)
RAM watches. Player and boss exact HP, weapon ammo and reload status, player X and Y position, stage scroll position

#21093501888640683 - Alien Soldier HUD

Alien Soldier OSD.lua
Uploaded 2/27/2015 10:24 PM by Truncated (see all 22)
Player and boss exact health, weapon ammo and reload status

#16401811903468453 - TAOBAR, 1-3 finished

Batman and Robin, The Adventures of (JU) [!] - 1-3 boss 3 11405.gmv
In 03:22.03 (12106 frames), 8534 rerecords
Uploaded 7/31/2014 3:24 PM by Truncated (see all 22)
2161 frames ahead of test movie, which means around 521 frames were saved in this level. The test movie ends here, so no more comparisons are possible after this.
Switching to the green weapon turns out to have been the right choice. It loses a few frames on the first boss appearance but more than makes up for it in the other two appearances.