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#75368131588809927 - 132 Frame Improvement

Boulder Dash-Final(v2).bk2

Uploaded 11/7/2021 5:00 AM by nymx (3 files)

For Commodore 64

In 11:55.99 (35889 frames), 165116 rerecords

509 views, 40 downloads

This include a dumb mistake that I found on the last Cave.
This also removes the last input from the final bonus cave....which satisfies the decision that was made among you and the staff.

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#66349111542519896 - 53 frame improvement

c64-Confuzion-NYMX (Improvement).bk2

Uploaded 9/27/2020 12:49 AM by nymx (3 files)

For Commodore 64

In 26:58.32 (81118 frames), 32826 rerecords

4244 views, 189 downloads

This improvement was the result of a reported flaw that I didn't catch early in the TAS by DrD2k9. Because of the early cuts, I had to re-sync the TAS...especially the cut scene between Level 63 and 64, where I ran my BOT. The resync and BOT running took almost 3 days.

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#51777390615113172 - Correction

nymx KrustySuperFunHouse (v2-141).lsmv

Uploaded 12/10/2018 7:00 PM by nymx (3 files)

For Krusty's Super Fun House (SNES)

In 1:11:00.70 (256063 frames), 207693 rerecords

3454 views, 586 downloads

This correction is to replace the existing submitted input file for
It is 123 frames faster. The improvement came from finding another "Free Krusty" at the end of Area 3. Reorganizing the use of them, I found that an extra death can be applied to the 3rd visited room of Area 3. I discovered this mistake after reviewing Iceplug's WR again and saw the extra Krusty...which I thought that I had ruled out. His version is 1.0, while mine is i thought that i didn't have one there.

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