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#638182576061114821 - All Asterons TAS WIP (48/90 M2 Done!⭐⭐)

In 07:55.46 (28491 frames), 4172 rerecords
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)
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Uploaded 4/28/2023 5:46 AM by sumerhays (2 files)
some improvements to metro 1. i don't know how to save a tas and continue with it later so i just redid it in one sitting... if anyone knows how to with bizhawk please let me know. i was suppose to save time @ 1:23 by hitting the asteron from the side rather than bouncing off it.

#637976937899398584 - All Asterons TAS WIP (27/90 M1 Done!⭐)

In 03:56.27 (14158 frames), 1671 rerecords
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)
1 comment, 49 downloads
Uploaded 9/2/2022 5:36 AM by sumerhays (2 files)
back in 2016 i started routing an all enemies speedrun, the main reason being an excuse to use super sonic. in the category "save the animals", you unlock super sonic via sound test, press start, kill all the badniks, and beat the game. i completed my first run a year later, and lowered my pb till i had a time i was happy with. since then i have been routing save the animals for S3K. while practicing i got hit by the flying shark enemy in hydrocity "jawz", and somehow i never noticed that if they hit you you don't get points and no animal pops out. this raises a big dilemma with what i thought was my sonic 2 all enemy speedrun. there are these badniks in metropolis "asterons" that hide in the walls, once you get close enough they detonate and explode spikes at you. they move towards you and in some cases are exposed enough to kill before detonating. back when i was first routing the category i did see how many asterons i could kill before they detonated, and the most i could find was 13. being that it was 13/90 i never really thought of the possibility of killing all of them before they explode. the way i looked at it at the time, was that whether you kill them first or they SD taking your animal friend with them, they don't respawn so it counts as a kill. so the way i ran the category was as long as i heard the pop sound of the asteron exploding, the kill counted. how the jawz self destructing into sonic denies points and saving the animal, while it can easily be killed first made me change my mind about enemy SDs counting as a kill. luckily joeybaby69 found a way to get slope glitch with the pistons in metropolis, opening up way more possibilities for glitching into walls. i want to say with slope glitch it is possible to kill all the asterons but we will see. this is a work in progress so i will keep revisiting this and see how many i can get. i'm not a TASer, so i would love if any of you real TASers out there would want to collaborate with me!