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#638099523120118925 - Gargoyle's Quest II first 2 stages

In 03:19.17 (11970 frames), 5961 rerecords
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Uploaded 15 days ago by Exonym (1 files)
Still undecided if I want to take death on the first boss or not, but the damage boost in stage 2 is set up so that can be changed later.. up to the first boss though this is 95 frames faster than published movie. Not sure how much is attributed to this emulator, but stage 2 starts only 2 frames faster.

#56066520232591776 - Gargoyle's Quest II - Hitbox/Tile Script (fceux) WIP 1

3172 views, 507 downloads
Uploaded 6/21/2019 10:54 PM by Jigwally (1 files)
Tracks tiles, object hitboxes & other data