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#638455033850836010 - some more updates

In 14:07.19 (50915 frames), 34525 rerecords
Uploaded 3/8/2024 2:03 PM by Exonym (see all 102)
various improvements over last file. Submission this weekend if nothing else is found

#638441300903334785 - Flintstones: surprise at dinosaur peak

In 14:12.78 (51251 frames), 27877 rerecords
Uploaded 2/21/2024 4:34 PM by Exonym (see all 102)
Holding off on submitting for a few days in case something else is found, but this is the pretty much complete TAS of this game.

#638424551159417620 - Flintstones 2 improved boss

In 02:58.66 (10738 frames), 5036 rerecords
Uploaded 2/2/2024 7:18 AM by Exonym (see all 102)
improved boss fight by 59 frames by utilizing a turnaround trick which creates a large hitbox behind fred. The boss moves based on the direction fred is facing when taking damage, so we can abuse this and get 3 shortened i-frame animations by stopping him in the middle of the room.
Also included the initial run of the first part of the next stage, synced back up nicely which means this game is rather edit friendly at least so far.

#638424229936183767 - Test up to first boss (flintstones 2 NES)

In 02:21.23 (8488 frames), 3789 rerecords
Uploaded 2/1/2024 10:23 PM by Exonym (see all 102)
I did find the basic values such as x camera position, x position relative to the camera and something related to animation cycles in the RAM. Did not do any hard digging for boss hp values or such.
Mainly for this I just used prince_leaf's fastest TAS on youtube as a reference point but without an actual input file I have no idea if I was faster or slower than what he did.
Haven't really found anything substantial, there is a slight glitch where the water death animation can slide along the moving platform and then over the crocodile and into the wall but you still die anyway.
This is just a quick test, everything seems relatively sync friendly at least up til the first boss. Only one jump height, annoyingly.

#638412209107562930 - Test run of Parasol Henbee (NES)

In 10:03.41 (36264 frames), 9094 rerecords
Game: Parasol Henbee ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 1/19/2024 12:28 AM by Exonym (see all 102)
Did a test run to see how the parasol numbers would line up, so that I can plan the route better later.
-Didn't include a strat of killing the first boss a few frames sooner by jumping on it until I saw MESHUGGAH's wip later.
-stage 1 is pretty much perfect, no lag and no tricks to really speed up anything since it's all horizontal.
-you can jump off enemies as long as you land on them just right and it doesnt slow you down. This can sometimes be useful for making certain jumps or jumping off the rock in stage 2. You still have to be on the right half of the screen to progress, that's why the backtrack. Still needs to be optimized.
-you can alter your jumps slightly by letting go of A for a bit, and you seem to be able to jump sooner after landing if you have the above parasol out, not sure why this is but it seems useful for vertical stages. Though sometimes it can cause lag so it's a big trial and error on when to use it?
-Got lazier the further into the run I went as it was just a rough draft, most notably would be lag reduction.
-Didn't find any way to break out of the whale's suction in order to reach his mouth faster.
-3rd beanstalk puts you the furthest right in the above cloud level despite the fact that it's the slowest vine to climb. (1862 frames compared to the fastest which was stalk 2 at 1796) The amount that it puts you ahead is so great that these don't really matter.
-final boss takes 30 hits so that many parasols must be preserved. He can be killed entirely off screen but must wait for him to bounce down before he's actually dead. There is a line of dialogue at the end that must be skipped so unfortunately we can't end input early here.

#638105850363147189 - Gargoyle's Quest II

In 05:18.96 (19169 frames), 10435 rerecords
Uploaded 1/29/2023 10:30 AM by Exonym (see all 102)
I moved on from stage 2 for now. I did an early run through of some of the next stages in the interest of making at least some progress, though they are kinda boring levels.

#638103949113436532 - Gargoyle's Quest II less lag

In 04:03.62 (14641 frames), 9810 rerecords
Uploaded 1/27/2023 5:41 AM by Exonym (see all 102)
removed a few lag frames from the beginning but might have to scrap it as its very hard to keep them

#638099523120118925 - Gargoyle's Quest II first 2 stages

In 03:19.16 (11970 frames), 5961 rerecords
Uploaded 1/22/2023 2:45 AM by Exonym (see all 102)
Still undecided if I want to take death on the first boss or not, but the damage boost in stage 2 is set up so that can be changed later.. up to the first boss though this is 95 frames faster than published movie. Not sure how much is attributed to this emulator, but stage 2 starts only 2 frames faster.

#638089006617572625 - Basic Watch file

Jelly Boy (Europe).wch
Game: Jelly Boy ( SNES, see all files )
Uploaded 1/9/2023 10:37 PM by Exonym (see all 102)
bare minimum watch file. Has x and y speed and positions.

#638079605471419285 - BOSS rng

In 08:19.81 (30038 frames), 19406 rerecords
Uploaded 12/30/2022 1:29 AM by Exonym (see all 102)
Most recent WIP, completes up to first boss where I have to finally figure out how his behavior works. If anyone has any insight it would be appreciated
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