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#18440420488725507 - NES Parasol Henbee WIP24

MESHUGGAH_Parasol Henbee_WIP24.fm2
In 01:30.48 (5438 frames), 29409 rerecords
Game: Parasol Henbee (NES)
Uploaded 10/31/2014 10:50 AM by MESHUGGAH (2 files)
This movie aims for shortest input and kills as much as possible enemies (and picking up parasols) as long as they don't cost (lag) time.
  • Level 1 - same length but different route. 0 lag frames.
  • Boss 1 - 2 frames saved by parasol bumping as last hitting.
  • Level 2 - many frames saved compared to my test runs, there's might be 1-2 lag frame.
I pulled a -12 Y pos wall boost at frame 5396... both the player and cam Y would be 0.0 at that time at normal occurance. So, I guess this should work on all small jumps as long as both Y speeds hit 0.0 at the same time?

#18399143893408916 - NES Parasol Henbee WIP5

MESHUGGAH_Parasol Henbee_Hardest_v5.fm2
In 01:03.88 (3839 frames), 3218 rerecords
Game: Parasol Henbee (NES)
Uploaded 10/29/2014 2:13 PM by MESHUGGAH (2 files)
First level and boss done.
Avoid colliding with dead enemies (you can fall on them, resulting in 1 frame of no movement speed) Avoid falling down from a platform instead of jumping off (1 frame of no movement speed instead)
Age 10~20 is hardest difficulty, 3 lives, 3 parasols ("ammo")/parasol symbol, 150 time, 1 rainbow length (a half circle), no ducking.
So I guess I need to restrict the ammount of parasol usages.