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#637827403018946056 - Digimon Fight - Tech Demonstration

In 02:37.52 (9409 frames), 3 rerecords
Game: Digimon Fight (GBC)
86 views, 38 downloads
Uploaded 3/13/2022 3:51 AM by dekutony (3 files)
This movie is meant to demonstrate all of the tech and command inputs for all the moves in the game so far. All the command inputs are universal, and are exactly the same no matter which character you pick.
Used the raw dump ROM of the game, as it works with the official GBC BIOS even in GBA mode, while the header fix ROM doesn't.

#31133150273675876 - so this is how u do special moves in this game

In 01:19.99 (4778 frames), 4 rerecords
Game: Digimon Fight (GBC)
7665 views, 808 downloads
Uploaded 5/25/2016 1:44 AM by dekutony (3 files)
i still dunno btw

#19095441789545004 - Digimon Fight Verification Movie

In 1:21:26.15 (291838 frames), 113 rerecords
Game: Digimon Fight (GBC)
9256 views, 1002 downloads
Uploaded 11/29/2014 10:48 PM by dekutony (3 files)
This is a movie that unlocks all the characters in this bootleg game. Just in case I need it.
Emu used: BizHawk 1.6.1 with the Vivid color palette.