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#15601063153038125 - Treasure Master failure

Treasure Master-compact.fm3

Uploaded 6/25/2014 1:55 PM by Samsara (8 files)

For Treasure Master (NES)

In 01:48.67 (6531 frames), 13324 rerecords

8780 views, 953 downloads

TAS ADHD is a serious disease. Serious cases can lead to never finishing a run, letting people down, and claiming that everything in Super Mario World is memory corruption. Made in FCEUX 2.2.2 using TAS Editor.
I used the passcode entry from micro500's last posted WIP, which is why the rerecord count is that high. I only used about 723 rerecords from the looks of it. Stage 1 of that WIP syncs in FCEUX 2.2.2 but desyncs in Stage 2. Like everything I've been doing lately, if this run were finished it would not be submitted.
Compared to that WIP, I save 5 frames (I climb the rope 2 frames faster, kick one time less, and something around getting the controller gives me the other two frames), but I lose 3-4 of them (1 frame of lag and a couple frames delaying before that bastard caterpillar). I'm trying to find a way to manipulate that thing into shooting twice like it does in the other WIP. There's a way to manipulate it to shoot later and a way to manipulate it to not shoot at all, but I still have yet to figure out shooting twice.
Either way, I don't have enough health for later, so when I come back to this after the several other projects I have going, I'll start from the beginning.

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#15704559200517787 - Treasure Master - Skipping the boots


Uploaded 6/30/2014 5:47 AM by Samsara (8 files)

For Treasure Master (NES)

In 01:47.34 (6451 frames), 14901 rerecords

8688 views, 990 downloads

This is probably the most boring item skip.
The boots apparently aren't necessary to beat the game, so it seems, and in a TAS using the invincibility glitch it ends up being around 80 frames faster to skip them. However, it could be possible to save more with a different damage route and more optimization (this was only a quick test), and the enemy/platform patterns later on in the stage could be better or worse.

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#15769420923926888 - Treasure Master - Stage One


Uploaded 7/3/2014 3:53 AM by Samsara (8 files)

For Treasure Master (NES)

In 05:13.15 (18820 frames), 15426 rerecords

8708 views, 959 downloads

203 frames ahead. Most of the time saved is from skipping the boots, but there are small movement optimizations all throughout. The invincibility glitch is activated near the end of the stage.

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#15821523096605510 - Treasure Master - Complete Test Run


Uploaded 7/5/2014 12:12 PM by Samsara (8 files)

For Treasure Master (NES)

In 20:16.97 (73139 frames), 18640 rerecords

8715 views, 968 downloads

Emulator: FCEUX 2.2.2 (with TASeditor)
Had a lovely July 4th and didn't really have much else to do so I, uh, spent the last 8 hours working through the rest of the game.
It's decently optimized, though there's still a lot of work left to do: The prize world code could very well end up different in the final run, fadeout lag needs to be optimized further, I still have to do some testing with some of the tricks I found, and some of the playaround sections could be more entertaining. Thankfully, the game behaves nicely and it shouldn't take more than a day or two to finish up. I'm expecting a final time of around 20:15 after full optimization unless I find something big.
This run gets up through Stage 3 976 frames (00:16.26) faster than micro500's WIP, and finishes the game 29,712 frames (8:15.20) faster than CeSaR74's rejected submission. The prize world code entry is all micro500's input since I started working off of his WIP, so if it remains intact by the time I submit the finished run (which is highly likely), then he will be listed as co-author.

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#15854276760212782 - Treasure Master improvement


Uploaded 7/6/2014 11:36 PM by Samsara (8 files)

For Treasure Master (NES)

In 20:09.65 (72699 frames), 7504 rerecords

8654 views, 1296 downloads

30 frames faster.

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#15878954632230765 - Treasure Master - Final improvement


Uploaded 7/8/2014 2:16 AM by Samsara (8 files)

For Treasure Master (NES)

In 19:15.79 (69462 frames), 7917 rerecords

8727 views, 1609 downloads

3237 frames faster due to a new skip in the Prize World. This is the last time I'm touching the run.

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#16056749041711739 - Treasure Master - No Health Underflow WIP1


Uploaded 7/16/2014 2:27 AM by Samsara (8 files)

For Treasure Master (NES)

In 01:47.68 (6472 frames), 20848 rerecords

8635 views, 932 downloads

This won't be completed for a while, but it was highly requested so I figured I'd at least start it. This is only a second slower than the published run up to this point, even though the boots are collected. There are two more rope boosts that I missed in the published run, so there may be an improvement to the health underflow run in the future, depending on how easily I can implement these two rope boosts and whether or not some of the other ideas I have will work.
The rerecord count is, again, carried over from previous files. I'll edit it away as soon as I remember to.

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#16101113982230901 - Treasure Master - No Health Underflow WIP2


Uploaded 7/18/2014 2:24 AM by Samsara (8 files)

For Treasure Master (NES)

In 03:53.26 (14019 frames), 21198 rerecords

8614 views, 935 downloads

I implemented a further route improvement found after collecting the bomb, saving about 10 frames. The rest of the stage is almost exactly the same as the published run. All the difference will come from Stage 2 and beyond.

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