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#41311504568918546 - Salamander Playaround TAS

Salamander (J) [!]-compact.fm3
In 24:41.59 (89042 frames), 3480 rerecords
Game: Life Force (NES)
4473 views, 841 downloads
Uploaded 8/26/2017 10:59 AM by tduyduc (1 files)
In this tool-assisted speedrun, T.D. Stoneheart (AKA tduyduc) uses only build maximum speed without any other power-ups. Watch him dodge enemies and projectiles the entertaining way.
This movie is not submitted because it can only work correctly in TAS Editor, not in Play Movie in FCEUX. Be sure that controller U+D/L+R is turned on.
The Japanese version is chosen because of the enhanced title and ending screens.

#34354465312618940 - Life Force Ram Watches

Life Force (USA).wch
Game: Life Force
5254 views, 793 downloads
Uploaded 10/17/2016 3:29 AM by MediaMagnet (2 files)
Ram Watches for life force.

#34354411527187103 - Life Force second redo

Life Force (USA)redo2.fm2
In 07:44.46 (27914 frames), 460 rerecords
Game: Life Force (NES)
5313 views, 807 downloads
Uploaded 10/17/2016 3:25 AM by MediaMagnet (2 files)
My second redo of my run through life force, this stops just after the second boss right at the start of stage 3

#23965765941835859 - NES Salamander (JPN version of Life Force) - Interesting lua script

Game: Life Force
9448 views, 862 downloads
Uploaded 7/7/2015 6:53 AM by FatRatKnight (1 files)
Third exhibit. Can't confirm whether it works right now. Dear, ye... This thing is ancient! This is before I started attaching local to most of my functions. Time to dust off some cobwebs.
Apparently I was working out wall detection, and even an attempt at an automatic way of keeping the player safer versus walls when playing normally. I'm not sure how much this is TASing and how much is casual enhancement, but hey. There are some good memories for me to find here. I recommend lua knowledge before testing the script, since again, I can't confirm it works right now.