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#19856380205926332 - SprintGod's Bonanza Bros. Fix

In 08:53.78 (31986 frames), 224 rerecords
Game: Bonanza Bros. (Genesis)
10788 views, 1087 downloads
Uploaded 1/3/2015 5:16 AM by Spikestuff (1 files)
Shrinking down the time, using input which is nearly 11 years old and still somehow optimal.
Hex edited and showing my ingame rerecord count.

#19628137145722435 - Bonanza Bros. Improvement WIP 1

In 00:05.47 (328 frames), 221 rerecords
Game: Bonanza Bros. (Genesis)
9921 views, 962 downloads
Uploaded 12/23/2014 10:34 PM by dekutony (1 files)
Improvement in menuing by a lot of frames, found a lot of improvements on the 10 year old movie... so I'm doing it.