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#638025792880184229 - All Ace Coins

Super Mario Advance (USA, Europe) All Ace Coins 2652.bk2
In 26:52.61 (96318 frames), 21183 rerecords
Uploaded 10/28/2022 6:41 PM by Technickle (see all 150)
Super Mario Advance All Ace Coins In 26:52.62
Decided to make this All Ace Coins TAS since there was no movie for the category. I had fun with this project, but, it most likely could be improved if I had to guess, however, not sure by how much.

Level Notes

  • 1-1 uses Luigi. Luigi has the highest jump out of any character. Mostly used for getting up to the vine when exiting for the 3rd coin grab. In the first frame, I am able to super jump using SMB2's higher high jump when holding Down. [Coin Total = 5]
  • 1-2 uses Toad. Toad has the fastest movement out of any of the other characters. Toad is used here for the Carpet Turnback which is a common trick in SMB2. Using the momentum of Toad's speed helps with this. This level requires a Key for a door and when holding objects, like Keys, Bombs, or Turnips, holding B will toss the items, in order to run I have to hold down the shoulder R button to keep speed. (I disrespected the blue snifit). A lot of the route will go back for Ace Coins as it's faster to collect only some on the first trip, rather than all in one go. [Coin Total = 3]
  • 1-3 uses Toad. A lot of this level is rather flat until inside which Toad has the fastest travel speed so it makes the most sense. Inside introduces climbable objects like chains, but, was also seen in 1-1 as well with the vines. When climbing an object, I can press the left or right directional pad, depending on where I grabbed the chain/vine from, and let go. Once I let go, I have a couple of frames where I am physically not standing on anything, although the game registers me standing on the ground somehow. By doing this I can skip the animation of climbing the normal way and jump my way to the top section more quicker. A lot of this game has screen transitions, and when approaching a screen transition it either has to scroll upwards or downwards depending on where you are traveling to. In 1-3, I can barely skip this screen transition by manipulating the way I jump to the door at the top of the room, which saves a lot of time. [Coin Total = 2]
  • 1-3-backtrack uses Mario. Mario has a lot of power, and with this power picking up in-ground objects will be faster overall, in overalls. The first coin is behind me, so I have to make a turnaround as soon as I am able to and jump up top on my far left side. I will need a potion to make the door appear on top of the 'pipe' which will send me to World 4. [Coin Total = 2 + 1 phantom coin]
  • 4-1 uses Luigi. A lot of 4-1 has coins placed in higher-up sections, so using Luigi's high jump is a must. In 4-1, it introduces the orb gotten from Birdo, although there is no Birdo fight, so it's a straightforward level by collecting coins and getting to the end as quickly as possible. [Coin Total = 5]
  • 4-2 uses Luigi. At the beginning of the first room, I utilize Luigi's high jump to reach a higher portion of the vine quicker. I also use the vine trick mentioned earlier. 4-2 has enemies coming from right to left, which makes getting around them a little more difficult, but, of course not in a TAS. Some coins are placed in semi-decent spots, but, some are placed in higher-up positions. I use enemies to jump from one to another just for fun and to be quicker. I grab 4 out of the 5 coins as the extra coin at the bottom with the whales, will be collected later. [Coin Total = 4]
  • 2-1 uses Toad. Yet another flat ground level so using Toad is best. Some coins are placed slightly higher up, but, don't require a super jump to reach. Other coins are placed so you can jump off of enemies' heads to reach them. Once inside, digging will commence. I will need to avoid all enemies here due to the fact that I am still in a small state which will insta-kill if I let enemies touch me from the side or from a falling above state. Creating zig-zag dig patterns will make the enemies take a different route, so I'll be to dig freely. [Coin Total = 5]
  • 2-2 uses Peach. Peach has her float, which makes it easier to get through levels. Some coins are placed higher, so I'll to min-max the Super Jump duration. The coin in the middle with the 2 enemies, I turn back left and face back right, this makes it so I barely hit the coin's hitbox and continue moving forward quicker. At the end of the first room, there is a vine that goes downward. By doing the same thing for vines going upward, I can fall off and grab at the bottom so that I am in a falling state thus falling quicker to the bottom to enter the transition. More digging here and the coins are near the bottom, so manipulating the red shy guys to follow a different pattern is required otherwise I die here. [Coin Total = 5]
  • 2-3 uses Peach. The first room has a ladder, so I do the same for the ladder as I do for the chain and vine. More digging here as well. At the bottom of the digging, I need a key for the door at the top of the pit. I make it so quickly up top that I wait for the big red shy guy to go past and the frame I can squeeze past I do so. The last coin is on top of a sand pit with an enemy, so I have to go beneath to go past this and grab the last coin. [Coin Total = 5]
  • 3-1 uses Mario. Mario will fall to his death while collecting the last remaining images of an Ace Coin. I do this because Mario is the first character to show up on the selection screen thus making him faster to choose over any other character. After this death, which is faster by the way, and S+Q'ing is not (tested it), I just Peach, since she has her float. This level has a magic carpet ride that will show me the world of Ace Coins. Once off Mr. Bones' wild ride, I'll be greeted by another vine, rinse repeat the jumping. At the top, I go left and have to blow up the wall with a bomb I yeet the bomb from downtown, hoping for a game-winning shot, which I get. I grab the coin GG EZ. [Coin Toal = 5]
  • 3-2 uses Mario. Faster grabs, with the big POW Block. On the way to the POW block I'll collect 2 coins and once below the POW block I'll collect another coin. In order to get out, I'll Super Jump min-max to land up top. I yeet another bomb while collecting another coin. Once down under, I'll utilize the top of the room to go across which lets me skip rooms, which will also come up later. I grab the last coin and end. [Coin Toal = 5]
  • 3-3 uses Mario. One coin was grabbed on the outside and one coin was grabbed on the inside. I grab a heart that acts like a mushroom to become bigger. I utilize a blue shy guy so I can stand on it and Super Jump. Super Jumping past the Sparks, which is faster than running and jumping since that makes the rotation of the Sparks worse in time. I'll need to collect a coin that is far left which will make the downward screen transition happen. I climb the ladder slightly here, since the screen transition to get to the door was off-screen, so I had manually move the camera upwards first. The last two coins are above the walls so I'll jump up towards the first one, and I'll Super Jump on the last one and S+Q. [Coin Total = 5]
  • 4-2-Backtrack uses Luigi. Coming back to 4-2 I'll collect the last remaining coin and pick a potion to warp me. This Warp leads me to world 6.
  • 6-1 uses Luigi. In 6-1 Coins are placed higher, so using a Super Jump is required. I'll need to make use of the green pokey in order to reach the 2nd coin in the level, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to. the 3rd Coin is right before the door. The last two are inside. [Coin Total = 5]
  • 4-3 uses Peach. I'll her float to reach the other side of the platform to get into the door. In here is a coin., Exiting back to the first door. I'll grab a heart, since Peach doesn't have the highest jump, I'll utilize the grown Peach in order to reach the higher-up platforms with a Super Jump. One coin is placed on the left side of the room so I'll use the float to do a turnback and continue to the platform adjacent to it. The next room has spikes on the floor, so taking advantage of not only a taller Peach but also taking advantage of an extra hit from the spikes helps and is the only real way to get down there quickly without using the enemies' guidance. The last coin is way below, once collected, I'll S+Q. [Coin Total = 5]
  • 5-1 uses Luigi. In 5-1, there is a waterfall. This waterfall has logs going across it, and the intentional way would be to slowly wait for the logs to fall so the coin at the bottom could be collected. However, instead of that, I'll intentionally hit the log and fall off so that I'll time a fish at the bottom to stand on and collect the coin that way. [Coin Total = 5]
  • 5-2 uses Luigi. For the higher jump. Interweaving into the enemies was tricky here, but, it was done. The first three coins are near the vine enemies, and the last two are above me and below me at the same time with which I'll use the climbing trick once again and fall downward. [Coin Total = 5]
  • 5-3 uses Luigi. 5-3 uses Albatross that will drop Bomb'ombs and insta-kill the player so avoiding these is crucial. Once inside, I'll duck jump past the Red Shy Guy spawn point, this makes it so I don't have to go down around, and up. Once outside, I'll pick up a turnip which will be thrown, caught, and thrown again at two enemies. The last two coins are collected once on the carpet and jumping off the carpet. [Coin Total = 4]
  • 5-3-Backtrack-ish uses Luigi. The last coin is above me once out of the ladder-climbing section. I'll a potion to warp to world 7. [Coin Total = 1]
  • 7-1 uses Luigi. For his Super Jump. One coin is on the far right, and so I'll travel over there, once collected I'll head back left to catch a ride on an Albatross, to pick up the rocket ship. Once out the next coin is right above me, so I'll turn left and jump right to barely touch the coin. The next room is interesting because the screen transition doesn't quite work for some reason. I had to manually pan the camera up by climbing the ladder normally here, otherwise, the coin and the following ladder are off-screen and unreachable. In the next room is a green birdo fight where birdo says, and I quote: "I'm ready for yo-aaah" real btw. Defeat Birdo and win a prize.
  • 7-2 uses Peach. I grab a heart so I can become big and strong, but, also to reach higher up platforms like before. Some coins are in various rooms that need to be climbed into to get to. The bigger Peach will also be needed to take a hit from a Spark, which allows me to circumvent going down and around. [Coin Total = 5]
  • 6-2 uses Luigi. 6-2 is a bird, about birds, has birds, and the only way to beat this level is via birds. [Coin Toal = 5]
  • 6-3 uses Luigi. I'll jump climb the ladder and make my way to the right to pick up and coin, head back left, and pick up a blue shy guy. This blue shy guy is the center of this entire level, using it is crucial. Once done, I'll head through the door on the other side. Once inside, I'll head left and collect a coin via a vine jump. I'll travel down the vine and just miss every vine afterward to collect the coins faster. [Coin Total = 5]
  • 7-2 uses Toad. 7-2 is a boss rush of sorts. First is Red Birdo which says and I quote: "I'll finish you off". Next is the Hawkmouth boss. I grab the orb and re-grab the item to jump up high so the item will land twice in the hitbox causing double damage, the last hit again with the same item. I get transported to the final Boss Wart, which he says and I quote: "I'm the great Wart hahaha" real btw. I throw the turnips in Wart's mouth on the first frame possible at very close range. He dies and says and I quote: "Noooo Ribbit Nooooooooo-aaaaaaa" real btw.


Why Save and Quit after collecting the last coin in a level?

  • It's overall faster, as it saves the most amount of time, rather than having to beat the level entirely.

Why Play Some Characters over other Characters on different levels?

  • Jump Height, Strength, or Speed. Levels are planned for these characters for those reasons.

#637936906508971494 - GBA Super Mario Advance Ram Watch file

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(Ported from Legacy Address Set 117) BizHawk Ram Watch file for GBA Super Mario Advance

#44444924690744479 - SuperMarioAdvance

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#44444854974936216 - Stage 1-1

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Uploaded 8/6/2017 1:03 PM by Spikestuff (see all 268)
I'm boring, unoriginal and had to wait for stuff to get done.
The game in single player has 23 Phases to get through.
No bloody idea on any form of multiplayer as we done have a GBA link cable support in any TASing emulator for GBA yet.
The ROM is the American version of Super Mario Advance (Super Mario Bros. 2 + Mario Bros.).

#10651274706398995 - Super Mario Advance "peach only" improved

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I converted my peach only(J version, vba-23.5) to U version, vba-24m. And improved more than 260 frames...
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#5000685679580837 - Super Mario Advance WIP v0.00.01 (approx)

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