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#638072595575340004 - Memory for NES

In 00:02.81 (169 frames), 544 rerecords
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
0 views, 9 downloads
Uploaded 12/21/2022 10:45 PM by Technickle (115 files)
The Description Field is Required.

Movie Goals?

•Unofficial Game/Homebrew

How to Play

Match the Same Type of Letter/Number


No Idea (but in actuality, I've been seeing shorter and short movies being submitted)
Before it gets confusing, this is the game of Memory, just in case you have a terrible Memory.

Not to be confused with:

•Another Code: Two Memories
•Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
•Original Memory Game
•Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

#638071033533242559 - Sushi 1 frame faster

sushi 1 frame improvement 4672.bk2
In 01:18.22 (4672 frames), 3000 rerecords
System: Game Boy Advance
1 comment, 0 views, 11 downloads
Uploaded 12/20/2022 3:22 AM by Technickle (115 files)
meow, but, faster.
This movie is a Co-Authorship with MarioAtWork to improve the submission of 1:18.62

General Movie Goals

•Goes for Fastest Completion

Other Movie Goals

•Dances to the music
•Dances near the boss
•'Barely' Avoids Death
•Meows inside the boss
•Dances inside the boss
•Meows in general
•Has a crisis on the trashcan
•Thinks about cheese
•Destroys a Mouse
•Isn't Sushi, but, is Sushi

#638070784258697451 - Sushi 8 Frames Faster

sushi 8 frame improvement.bk2
In 01:18.23 (4673 frames), 1728 rerecords
System: Game Boy Advance
0 views, 8 downloads
Uploaded 12/19/2022 8:27 PM by Technickle (115 files)
Sushi, but, faster.

#638070707223846531 - Holes 1-4

Mario Golf - Advance Tour (USA) Holes 1-4.bk2
In 06:46.91 (24304 frames), 6083 rerecords
0 views, 12 downloads
Uploaded 12/19/2022 6:18 PM by Technickle (115 files)
Input ends after forfeiting Hole 4.
Also saw there were user files for this, but, it hasn't been updated since 2017, so I decided to give it a go.

#638070183740718237 - Sushi 5 frames faster

sushi 5 extra frame improvement.bk2
In 01:18.35 (4680 frames), 980 rerecords
System: Game Boy Advance
0 views, 9 downloads
Uploaded 12/19/2022 3:46 AM by Technickle (115 files)
This file is a Co-Authorship with MarioAtWork to improve the current submission of 1:18.62

#638069980802462919 - Sushi 11-Frames

In 01:18.44 (4685 frames), 802 rerecords
System: Game Boy Advance
0 views, 14 downloads
Uploaded 12/18/2022 10:08 PM by Technickle (115 files)
4685 input ends on the last meaningful input AKA (A) for the jump to the boss.

#638063242470381504 - Strawberry Shortcake - Ice Cream Island - Riding Camp

SS - ICI - RC After Stable.bk2
In 02:42.43 (9702 frames), 1447 rerecords
System: Game Boy Advance
0 views, 10 downloads
Uploaded 12/11/2022 2:57 AM by Technickle (115 files)
Do or don't ask
WIP Input ends after Stable.

#638062407033157234 - Scooby-Doo! Unmasked

In 59:30.56 (213261 frames), 78609 rerecords
0 views, 11 downloads
Uploaded 12/10/2022 3:45 AM by Technickle (115 files)

Game Plot:

The game opens with Scooby-Doo and the gang visiting Fred's cousin Jed at his special effects movie studio and factory Monstrous Fright and Magic or M.F.M. Still, once they get there, Jed is missing, and his animatronics have gone haywire. They find M.F.M. CEO Winslow Stanton and his assistant Marcy, who inform them Jed is responsible for sabotaging M.F.M. and has stolen not only some expensive animatronics but also an ample supply of Mubber (a special compound used to make animatronics into life-like special effects monsters). Scooby and the gang thus take it upon themselves to track down Jed and recover the stolen items.

Movie Goals

• Bizhawk 2.8.0(mGBA)
• Goes for Fastest Completion
• Contains Speed/Entertainment trade-offs
• Takes Damage to Save Time
• Heavy Glitch Abuse
• Dog
• Genre: Action/Adventure

Costume Slide Cancels

Costume Slide Cancels are when Scooby is in a sliding state by gliding across the ground for a certain period of time. Normally the game prevents you from sliding again as, at the end of a sliding state, the animation of Scooby getting up has a lot of end lag. In order to prevent the end lag of the sliding state, Scooby must have another Costume in the inventory to switch to. Switching to the other costume will cancel the end lag state. By switching I can switch back to normal Scooby and continue sliding as long as there is enough room to navigate around. This trick is used if there is a long stretch of ground without enemies or pits.

Clue Pan Skip

Clue Pan Skip is when the camera will automatically pan across the room to show the player where the clue is located, this will waste time automatically and is slower. The way this is prevented is by using a Costume on the frame the camera will move to the clue, switch back to normal scooby or costume and it will pan back to scooby skipping the camera pan entirely.

Rollercoaster/Boss Quit Outs

Levels will finish once the player successfully either completes a rollercoaster level or a boss level. The way I am able to skip seeing the victory animation is by pressing start on the first frame of the victory music activating, and quitting to the hub area. This saves a lot of time, as it gets rid of watching the victory dance/staring into your soul Scooby will do on bosses and rollercoasters.

Clue Quit Outs

By collecting the required amount of clues not on a rescue mission, I am able to quit out and back to the main hub, this skips having to complete the rest of the level overall.


Karate: Scooby will transform into a karate-style character that allows him to kick special boxes/pallets and kill enemies in one hit.
Bat: Scooby will transform into a bat-style character that allows him to fly through the air. Bat transformation is useful for gliding long distances as long as Scooby is on a tall enough platform to skip certain sections.
Archer: Scooby will transform into an Archer-style character that allows him to shoot arrow plungers. Arrow Plungers stick to walls which allows Scooby to climb tall walls. Arrow Plungers are also used for enemies who are either too tall to jump over or need to be downed if on 1 life.
Scooby? While in theory Scooby himself is a costume, but, it's a regular moveset. Mostly used from the Costume Slide Cancels.
Costumes require Mubber to activate, so before I can transform into any costume I need the bare minimum to get them. Where I am hitting enemies for Mubber that's why.

#638060508989840238 - SDU ~ Entering Medieval Exhibit Improvement

SDU ~ Enter the Medieval Exhibit Improvement.bk2
In 38:14.00 (137015 frames), 66666 rerecords
0 views, 10 downloads
Uploaded 12/7/2022 11:01 PM by Technickle (115 files)
worked back up to entering the medieval exhibit.

#638059819295216022 - SDU Area 1

SDU ~ Area 1 Improvement.bk2
In 24:19.04 (87145 frames), 60550 rerecords
0 views, 10 downloads
Uploaded 12/7/2022 3:52 AM by Technickle (115 files)
Area 1 is complete, onto Area 2 now.
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