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#40054474538647683 - 5569S impr v9

In 01:02.69 (3152 frames), 2039 rerecords
Game: Nester's Funky Bowling (Vboy)
7062 views, 717 downloads
Uploaded 6/30/2017 8:19 PM by MESHUGGAH (4 files)
  • 6 frames saved 5th frame by using bigger power and aiming all the way left
  • 1 frame saved on 9th frame with slightly bigger power

#40044175798939878 - 5569S impr v6

In 01:02.93 (3164 frames), 1601 rerecords
Game: Nester's Funky Bowling (Vboy)
7027 views, 701 downloads
Uploaded 6/30/2017 9:11 AM by MESHUGGAH (4 files)
Optimized all frames (bowling turns) except 6th 7th 8th 9th
"frame over" indicator I've used 0x0059
Differences from previous movie:
  • 4th frame done with max-1 power > saves 13 frames
  • 5th frame doesn't use the slow strategy (waiting for the direction meter going to the right), instead going to the left and shooting at correct point > saves many frames
  • last frame much shorter (9 frames long)

#40032726324279446 - 5569S impr v3

In 01:06.45 (3341 frames), 1432 rerecords
Game: Nester's Funky Bowling (Vboy)
7066 views, 722 downloads
Uploaded 6/29/2017 8:49 PM by MESHUGGAH (4 files)
Difference from previous usermovie:
- 5th frame (bowling turn) improved by ~10 frames by moving fewer times to the left.
You need to optimize frames (bowling) by searching for a memory value that indicates "completion".
You can see that this movie is faster albeit pins rolling much longer after hitting them.
Probably syncs.

#40031287052851769 - 5569S impr

In 01:06.65 (3351 frames), 1274 rerecords
Game: Nester's Funky Bowling (Vboy)
6994 views, 713 downloads
Uploaded 6/29/2017 7:16 PM by MESHUGGAH (4 files)
It looks like menu navigation can be improvd using 2nd pad "r" to use it 1 frame earlier than same "R" when selecting challenge
The other trick is using another button instead of S (start) when skipping name, saving also 1 frame

#30017420026125768 - Nester's Funky Bowling TAS improvement

In 01:09.26 (3482 frames), 640 rerecords
Game: Nester's Funky Bowling (Vboy)
13389 views, 723 downloads
Uploaded 4/4/2016 7:48 PM by dekutony (1 files)