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#43060910343919895 - Spy Muppets: Licence to Croak (Hard Mode TAS)

spy muppets.bk2
In 12:41.79 (45500 frames), 2142 rerecords
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Uploaded 11/13/2017 5:49 AM by dekutony (see all 355)
This is a full TAS of this GBA memegame. Beats the game in the hardest difficulty. Almost comes close to beating the WR on EASY by just a few seconds,
Did this merely for my entertainment, though a published run of this isn't all that trivial. Also, this was made also as I got my own "new" PC now, and to get the feel of TASing since I've been on a hiatus throughout the whole year... almost.
Possible improvements:
  • Choosing King Prawn first in the level select is faster.
  • The fruit sections and boss in Agent Piggy's level could be better with better RNG and chooosing the right fruit to throw.
  • The boss in Dr. Nose's stage could have a better route, as well as less problematic chickens.
  • You can crouch on the final boss fight, maybe faster than taking damage.
Aside from those oversights, it's pretty optimized imo.
Encode coming soon. It's good to be back.