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#76495054138133104 - Steamgear Mash - unfinished improvements

Steamgear Mash (Japan) - any% unfinished draft.bk2
In 10:58.33 (39500 frames), 9645 rerecords
Game: Steamgear Mash ( Saturn, see all files )
Uploaded 12/27/2021 11:02 PM by Darkman425 (see all 49)
Made on BizHawk version 2.6.2
Saturn BIOS version 1.00 is needed to sync.
This is a full run but unpolished draft of a TAS improvement that has both Nye's old inputs where I couldn't really improve and my inputs where I mostly used new strategies. The new strategies that were found when this was a Speed Bump game of the month was a quick stage 1 boss kill that bypasses i-frames during the flame attack, a block clip in stage 6 to skip the homing missile pickup in stage 4, and a faster final boss phase 1 kill thanks to the block clip giving more punch weapon ammo to work with.
While this is indeed faster than the old run, I got much worse luck for the stage 2 boss fight and the old stage 5 inputs desynced on the boss fight proper due to likely emulator differences changing the shot patterns. There is also a frame lost in a room shortly after the stage 1 boss that I didn't catch until I had completed this and compared in game input times. There's also a potential improvement on the stage 3 boss to manipulate them into not doing the charge attack after their entrance, which could save maybe a second due to not being in hitstun from being rammed.
I'm posting this here since I don't feel that I'm quite capable yet to get those lost frames all back since the stage 2 boss AI is a complete nightmare to get cooperative. I might come back to this someday but this is here if someone else wants to clean up this or improve upon it. Although if someone could clip through the block in stage 1 for the speed boost item then this file probably wouldn't be too relevant.
Frames lost compared to old TAS:
  • Suboptimal movement - 1
  • Stage 2 boss - 59
  • Stage 5 boss - 101
Total - 161 frames