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#59943596901719878 - [NeoGeo] Samurai Shodown 2 Wan Fu

In 12:48.25 (46095 frames), 5506 rerecords
Game: Samurai Shodown II ( Arcade, see all files )
Uploaded 12/13/2019 1:26 PM by Ninja-kun (see all 3)
This is a Tool-Assisted for the Neogeo game "Samurai Showdown 2" (Japanese "Shin Samurai Spirits"). A player character is Wan-Fu. CPU is very strong in this game, much stronger than Samurai Shodown 1. So the purpose of this TAS movie is below.
 1.  Make audiences feel refreshed by beating all CPUs up with powerful attacks, with maximum power (by 2)
 2.  To show crazy moves by attacking with "Exploding Confucious" basically at the end of the 1st round
 3.  To give an entertainment, e.g. Deformed Transformation -> quick counter, some glitches - to get Perfect even with not full HP at Hanzo or Mizuki stage,
     more hits combo at Wan Fu stage (at the end of the 2nd round) copy opponent's movement at Wanfu Stage etc.
 4.  With all of above, try to complete the game as quick as possible, try to beat all opponents before the time becomes below 80.
The recording was stopped in 46,095 frames, the time is around 12:48.25.