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#73578262037078113 - Dragon Quest 2 (J) - increment message wait value

In 02:01.89 (7326 frames), 222 rerecords
Game: Dragon Warrior II (NES)
1059 views, 161 downloads
Uploaded 8/18/2021 2:25 PM by TaoTao (1 files)
Note: this movie is for Japanese version.
You can increment message wait value ($062C) by dying at a certain point and escaping requiem screen holding 2-player A.

#60591560530877360 - Dragon Warrior 2 deathless testrun

Dragon Warrior 2 deathless-test1-full.fm2
In 48:30.69 (174929 frames), 54755 rerecords
Game: Dragon Warrior II (NES)
2936 views, 433 downloads
Uploaded 1/11/2020 5:47 PM by TheAxeMan (1 files)
Reason for playing deathless is to get something that can sync and be played back at RPG Limit Break. This run also brings in new strats from a Japanese TAS found on Niconico. Still need to learn a lot more about how the RNG and encounters work. Left in an obviously nonoptimal wait to get very rare 5 metal babble fight.