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#57692685003754860 - DOS Daleks TI-83 Speedcode

TI-83 v1.02.bk2 Daleks Speedcode Take 2.bk2
In 02:44.07 (9844 frames), 21081 rerecords
Game: Daleks ( TI83, see all files )
Uploaded 9/3/2019 4:32 AM by TiKevin83 (see all 19)
Updated optimization of the TI83 Speedcode project. Reordered some code to fix previous issues with updating Dalek sprites multiple times

#57579751802275698 - DOS Daleks Speedcode

TI-83 v1.02 DOS Daleks Speedcode.bk2
In 03:47.87 (13672 frames), 12526 rerecords
Game: Daleks ( TI83, see all files )
Uploaded 8/29/2019 2:28 AM by TiKevin83 (see all 19)
A TAS demo of TI-83 BASIC: TASes coding a clone of the DOS game Daleks in the TI-83 variant of TI-BASIC and then plays the game. A similar project was previously done for a Snake game by people whose names did not include TI-83 ;)
The annotated code can be found here

#48246408916051704 - TI-83 Daleks Speedcode Update

TI-83 v1.02.bk2 Daleks Speedcode.bk2
In 00:44.92 (2695 frames), 7690 rerecords
Game: Daleks ( TI83, see all files )
Uploaded 7/4/2018 6:33 PM by TiKevin83 (see all 19)
This TAS writes a full-fledged clone of the 1985 DOS game Daleks in pure TI-Basic, and then TASes the first level. The first 10 levels will be finished before submission. The code is heavily optimized by exploiting the TI-83's flexible List data type, and unnecessary initialization has been cleaned out accounting for the initial state of the calculator on bootup. I considered using Finance variables for speed vs size code tradeoffs, but the game loop doesn't seem to run faster with them. Basic 8 direction movement uses the number pad, the teleport mechanic is implemented via the sto-> button, and the 1-use Sonic Screwdriver mechanic is used via the Ln button.