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#55266424905150957 - Small improvement for Lost World Submission

Replacement Lost World Movie.bk2
In 26:24.35 (93941 frames), 85918 rerecords
Uploaded 5/16/2019 10:07 PM by arkiandruski (64 files)
New strategy used on ankylosaur fight, then run synced from there. There was a desync at the very end of the last level of t-rex, which cost me time, and the final battle had to be done from scratch. Besides that, everything carried over just fine.

#50977908002089717 - The Latest Lost World Jurassic Park WIP

In 17:07.63 (60931 frames), 28870 rerecords
Uploaded 11/4/2018 6:53 PM by arkiandruski (64 files)
Provided partially as a test to see if it'll sync.

#50682355402983667 - Raptor Levels

Lost World raptor.bk2
In 15:49.22 (56282 frames), 26413 rerecords
Uploaded 10/22/2018 11:26 AM by arkiandruski (64 files)
Alright, these are the first levels that actually had some interesting and fun tech to work with in a TAS. Obviously, the fastest movement for the raptor is constant rolling. Not only does it go faster than running, it also allows me to bypass most enemies if I roll from the right spots. Some considerations when rolling, though. There are actually two speeds of roll, one rolling from a stop is a lot slower than rolling from the move. Luckily a quick jump at the beginning of the level gets me moving much faster.
Next are the T-Rex levels, which are going to be a real challenge. The T-rex can be bumped forward by taking rockets up the ass, which is something I want to take advantage of. However, ass rockets tend to hurt a lot, and the T-Rex, contrary to what you might expect takes damage very quickly. I mean, I can gain more health by eating, but it slows me down, which undoes the benefit of taking the ass rockets in the first place. This is going to be a big balancing act.

#50115348988774376 - Hunter levels in Lost World Jurassic Park

lost world PS Hunter.bk2
In 11:20.88 (40371 frames), 9997 rerecords
Uploaded 9/26/2018 10:35 PM by arkiandruski (64 files)
The reason I wanted to do this run on Saturn as well. I found out what causes the glitch to stall sometimes. It's hitting certain barriers that are usually in a certain place. I found you can go under them, but it's often faster to just stay at the same height and reset the glitch whenever it stalls.

#49878076640857887 - Compy Levels

Lost World PS Compy.bk2
In 07:50.34 (27888 frames), 5007 rerecords
Uploaded 9/16/2018 6:08 AM by arkiandruski (64 files)
A run through the Playstation version up through Compy