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#637820328619096302 - a2600 escape from the mind master WIP by Katistrofic2 and doug g#9315 on discord idk what his tasvideos acc is srry

Escape from the Mindmaster (1982) (Starpath).bk2
In 00:18.52 (1110 frames), 2087 rerecords
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Uploaded 3/4/2022 11:21 PM by Katistrofic2 (see all 4)
this was fun to make I used a script to find what I believe to be the best possible rng value for the shape positions (80 and rng in ram is at 0x20) Doug found out how the rng worked and I found out how to quickly manipulate it (only 40 frames where used manipulating rng) there are currently no published movies for this game and I'm nowhere close to finishing this I have 7 more levels :0