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#62571211012919099 - GBA HM FoMT Mines X-Ray

HM FoMT.lua
Uploaded 4/9/2020 9:29 PM by dart193 (see all 5)
This is a script that allows one to see through rocks and soil in the Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. It shows up to two dots on each tile in the mine: upper one over rocks that shows what is inside this rock, and bottom one shows if there is something to dig in the ground.
By default, moneybags in the ground and junk ore inside rocks are hidden, but can be enabled via TOGGLE in the beginning of the file.
Dot colors show what contents are on the tile. Flashing dots show important contents like power berries, cursed tools or mythic stones. Staircases also have flashing dots since you need to dig one to proceed, but once you dig one, others automatically disappear. If you see a hollow white dot and a message in the console, this means that this item was not added in the script. Should not appear under normal circumstances.
There is a bug in the game where stones with Goddess/Kappa Jewels inside do not actually contain them. It can be fixed by going into any subscreen (like Rucksack, which can be accessed by A+B) while on the floor with the jewel. Note that for every floor that has a jewel, it can only drop that jewel once. A friendly reminder is shown when you reach a floor which contains stones that drops those jewels.
Two numbers to the left of info panel also show your current stamina and fatigue: cyan for stamina, purple for fatigue
In the upper right corner of the screen floor number is also shown, for convenience.