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#72947888976729225 - Barbie Diaries, The - High School Mystery (USA) In 20:54.2

Barbie Diaries, The - High School Mystery (USA).bk2
In 20:54.20 (74910 frames), 10129 rerecords
Uploaded 7/21/2021 5:05 AM by Technickle (see all 145)
Box Art for reference


  • Video Soon (TM)


  • Barbie is at it again
RTA end = 72,500
TAS end = 74,910
credits end = 90,270 (roughly)

Gameplay Layout (kind of)

  • Glorified Fetch Quest
  • Backtracking
  • Text Boxes (a lot of them)
  • Easy Mode? Hard Mode? Something Mode? Who knows!
  • This is my final form and have maxed out

Level Layouts

  • 1. Talk to Kevin, he'll show the IR mode (although hardly ever used).
  • 2. Go Outside the AV Room & Find the Smoke Monster from Lost (TM)
  • 3. Go back to the AV room, talk with Kevin because you are his biggest fan
  • 4. grab the FAN
  • 6. Place fan in the fan place holder icon in the fan hallway for fandom
  • 7. get rid of the Smoke monster by becoming Man in Black (TM)
  • 8. Go to Art Room and stand in front of some brushes
  • 9. Beat the Devil out those brushes or don't, really a personal choice
  • 10. Exiting the Art Room, I will be greeted with a circle A press mini-game, there are a lot of these, and I honestly have no idea what they even do.
  • 11. Go back and see Kevin again for what feels like the 10th time
  • 12. He'll be like: "oh do this 9 piece puzzle for me" and so I do the 9 piece puzzle for him, in 34 frames
  • 13. Walk out of that AV room like a sassy girl
  • 14. go back to the Art Room, only this time she stands in front of the red cabinet and not the brushes.
  • 15. I get a nice 'new' purse for doing my chores. Inside the purse, I'll find a note that reads: "chemistry 101"
  • 16. I am asked to save for the 2nd time in what feels like a 2 min span, of course, I'll say 'no' again because it's faster than saving this dreadful game.
  • 17. I need the passcode to open this box thingy, so I go back to Kevin to bother him some more, AND IT ASKS FOR ME TO SAVE AGAIN?!
  • 18. I walk up to Kevin with swagger, and he's all like: "girl if you don-" and he gives me the passcode for the box thingy.
  • 19. I do the number puzzle, although I can't really call it a puzzle, because it really is the easiest and simplest puzzle I've ever encountered in a game or otherwise. Anyway, the passcode for Gabe Newell Steam is 530
  • 20. I get a cell phone to hopefully call the authorities and get me out of here, but, instead, I collect it as an 'auction item'.
  • 21. Yet another circle 'puzzle' is waiting for me, like a knight in shining armor once I leave the Art Room, and till this day I still don't understand the concept or reasoning for it.
  • 22. I go back to the AV Room once more, and get this ... Another save? Like holy moly, is the game this unsure about the progress it's making?
  • 23. I talk with Kevin, and he's all like: "girl I got this new song I'mma share it through my aux cord". He basically says play these notes in the corresponding order, or Barbie gets it kinda thing.
  • 24. Leave the AV Room to ultimately go back to the Art Room
  • 25. Have a convo with the girl in the Art Room 'because why not.
  • 26. Go to the principles office, because Barbie has been a bad girl.
  • 27. Talk with Principal Peters, and Principal Peters will be like "sort my mail" and I sort the mail in record time, the best mail sorter in the school probably. I do 18 mail sorts in 1 second.
  • 28. WALKIE TALKIE AND WATCH ALL IN ONE ... that's it that's the Tweet.
  • 29. more circle puzzle, yay, hurray, yippie, congrats, you'll go far...
  • 30. Meet in the Chem lab, but, before I do, Barbie must, and I do mean must Save again, otherwise, I'll lose all this 'precious' progress.

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