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#637893865047581673 - FF1 Origins up to first 15 puzzle

In 08:23.63 (30223 frames), 5796 rerecords
Game: Final Fantasy Origins (PSX)
35 views, 21 downloads
Uploaded 5/29/2022 2:01 AM by DJ Incendration (2 files)
This is a TAS of Final Fantasy Origins for the PS1. I travel to a square away from Elfheim so you can hear the most ship music. For this route, I will need to do 15 puzzle twice.

#637892727374009042 - Final Fantasy Origins TAS

In 04:38.83 (16733 frames), 3466 rerecords
Game: Final Fantasy Origins (PSX)
38 views, 25 downloads
Uploaded 5/27/2022 6:25 PM by DJ Incendration (2 files)
Up to the bridge. Found a couple time saves at the beginning.