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#69589295254711487 - Um Jammer Lammy NTSC-U Cool mode% in 21:40.52

Um Jammer Lammy (USA).bk2
In 21:40.52 (77953 frames), 7104 rerecords
Uploaded 2/19/2021 10:57 PM by BahnDaten (see all 2)
After nearly three long months, the Um Jammer Lammy TAS is finally here! Using Bizhawk and a handy LUA script that shows me gains and losses and timed/mistimed inputs, I attempt to beat the game in the fastest time possible by keeping my score at or below 200 in each stage except the last one and completing all stages in Cool mode while meeting or exceeding standard levels of entertainment as shown in other TAS videos.
Each stage will contain some sort of variety or theme (mostly abusing the score system) and here's a list of all of them:
  • Stage 1: Placing buttons before Lammy's turn which makes me either lose or gain points
  • Stage 2: Gaining and losing points until hitting exactly 200 points at the end
  • Stage 3: Losing the most points in one stage (I lost 731 points on the second line!)
  • Stage 4: Same as stage 2, making sure I hit exactly 200 points when I reach Cool mode
  • Stage 5: Making cool guitar riffs while earning little to no points
  • Stage 6: Using as few backbeats as possible and going from Awful to Cool while staying below the 200 point threshold
  • Stage 7: Score attack (gaining as many points as possible)
    • In this stage, I show you the highest amount of points possible in Cool mode without the use of Fever Mode, which is 264. The run ends at frame 77953​, at which no further button inputs are made in the movie.