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#54598011327493898 - NES Super Pang II (Draft, WIP) 2

Super Pang II Draft.bk2
In 01:13.69 (4429 frames), 1284 rerecords
Game: Super Pang 2 ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 4/16/2019 7:40 PM by Darkdevil (see all 12)
2 more levels done.
This is definitely not optimal, but that's because this movie is really a benchmark//draft.
I'll put an encode here later.
EDIT: Decided I don't want to TAS this game anymore because the shot distance gets cut by a crap ton on the second set of levels. You can't charge it or anything, and this game has basically no info on it. I'll leave this here for anyone that wants to TAS it.

#54557558484970230 - NES Super Pang II (Draft, WIP) 1

Super Pang II.bk2
In 00:37.77 (2270 frames), 681 rerecords
Game: Super Pang 2 ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 4/14/2019 11:56 PM by Darkdevil (see all 12)
Super Pang II is a famicom sequel to Super Pang/Super Buster Bros. released only in Asian regions.
You play as Pang and try to pop bubbles that move around the screen.
There really isn't much info about this game in regards to speedrunning, so I am taking it upon myself to see what this is all about. (Basically learn the game, lol)
Here is a WIP of the draft TAS I am making for this game. Completes the first level in 278 frames (4 sec IGT), and level 2 (232 frames, 6 sec IGT (idk how xD) ) The movie looks long, but the title screen and level select screen are unnecessarily long.
[btw there is a suprise if you open the file in TAStudio ;)]