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#24001001762962741 - NES Dungeon Magic: Sword of the Elements - Attempted full run


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For Dungeon Magic: Sword of the Elements (NES)

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Exhibit #6. Oh, Dungeon Magic. Yet another not-so-brilliant game I had the pleasure to try, but if you can get around the problems it has, it's still better than, oh... GBA Eye of the Beholder.
This was an extreme 100%-style run I was trying. More a perfectionist rather than merely picking up everything.
  • Get all chests
  • Kill every monster (without staying at an inn to respawn them)
  • Sell extra crud to have room for more
  • Equip best stuff
  • Manipulate maximum gold from every monster
This is in case you haven't got enough of ridiculously fast running about and door opening animations, with a helping of slow store dialogue to go with it.
I highly recommend the map script to go with this, though.

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