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#638231974742825749 - Sync of Aqfaq's movie

loneranger6boss - sync.fm2
In 27:17.47 (98410 frames), 28111 rerecords
Uploaded 6/24/2023 9:57 AM by ktwo (see all 28)
Movie originally created by Aqfaq in FCEU 0.98.15. The intention of the uploaded movie is to sync Aqfaq's movie on a modern emulator. The movie desyncs near the end of chapter 6 (a bit before Aqfaq's movie stopped).

#638231973175319437 - Basic stats

Lone Ranger, The.wch
Uploaded 6/24/2023 9:55 AM by ktwo (see all 28)
Player position, health and inventory