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#638097610555413379 - Tower 5 improvement

In 11:25.54 (40946 frames), 5094 rerecords
Game: Castelian (GB)
0 views, 9 downloads
Uploaded 20 days ago by ktwo (20 files)
47 frames of improvement over the current TAS (4838M). This was the result of a fairly quick test (without even using RAM-watch) and is probably possible to optimize further. The last three towers don't sync, but it's just a matter of lag, so would be trivial if anyone is interested.

#638049216706166771 - Dragon's Lair (U) improvement

Dragon's Lair (U)_23686_ktwo.bk2
In 06:34.11 (23686 frames), 11869 rerecords
Game: Dragon's Lair (NES)
0 views, 13 downloads
Uploaded 11/24/2022 9:21 PM by ktwo (20 files)
75 frame improvement over the submitted movie. The time save comes from better Lizard King manipulations in level 4.

#638008229162818595 - Planet 12 - Tether object to large wormhole

In 06:11.33 (22317 frames), 69287 rerecords
0 views, 22 downloads
Uploaded 10/8/2022 10:48 AM by ktwo (20 files)
Test of collecting an object and tethering it through the underwater section of planet 12. The detour for collecting the object turned out not to be compensated by a corresponding time save from the "tether speed-up", but still worth documenting.

#637973177167900920 - Test of planet 13 with the anti-gravity upgrade

In 01:22.31 (4947 frames), 19794 rerecords
0 views, 19 downloads
Uploaded 8/28/2022 9:08 PM by ktwo (20 files)
In the any% category, the "anti-gravity" (AG) or the "double-strength boosters" (DSB) can be bought in the shop.
+ Allows the pod to reach a speed of 4p/f in the y-direction if tethering an object, instead of the normal max speed of 3p/f. Since there are some vertical sections that need to be traversed in planet 13, this has the potential to save time.
+ Saves 256 frames of menuing in the shop, compared to DSB
+ Not impacted by gravity (or gravity balls) while activated
- Speed boosting in the x-direction while tethering objects is negatively impacted
+ 4 times the acceleration of the default boosters (both in the x- and y-direction)
Despite starting out with a lead of 256 frames on planet 8 from less menuing, compared to buying the DSB, only about 1/3 remained near the delivery of the 1st fuel cell. At that point, no reasonable solution was found for navigating the last part to the small wormhole without major time losses.
While some time can be expected to be gained back due to additional speed boosts possible with AG, there will also be several big time losses along the way due to slow cornering with the default boosters that AG can only partially cancel in the y-direction (and not at all in the x-direction). The test therefore ended early on planet 13 as it was obvious that AG would be a lot slower than DSB with the approach that was used.

#637927384474000109 - Faster second bonus room

In 10:47.90 (38938 frames), 42115 rerecords
Game: The Addams Family (NES)
0 views, 26 downloads
Uploaded 7/6/2022 9:07 PM by ktwo (20 files)
The second bonus room (in the right Landing) improved by 4 frames. The same 4 frames were immediately lost due to stair mechanics though.

#637925686656955820 - The Addams Family (NES) improvement - 38938

In 10:47.90 (38938 frames), 41874 rerecords
Game: The Addams Family (NES)
0 views, 22 downloads
Uploaded 7/4/2022 9:57 PM by ktwo (20 files)
1. Grouping the the right side of the hallway together instead of the 1st floor 2. Better health route in the freezer/furnace area

#66958110574055534 - Left path test of stage 3

Ikari Warriors II - Victory Road_left3.bk2
In 08:11.29 (29526 frames), 13874 rerecords
990 views, 217 downloads
Uploaded 10/24/2020 11:03 AM by ktwo (20 files)
Uploaded for the purpose of having a comparison between the left and right paths through stage 3.

#65918480587160092 - Violet route in the first dungeon

Dragons of Flame, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - violet.bk2
In 05:11.40 (18715 frames), 15270 rerecords
4396 views, 215 downloads
Uploaded 9/7/2020 3:22 PM by ktwo (20 files)
Non-optimal route, only uploaded for reference.

#65918463871025314 - Yellow route in the first dungeon

Dragons of Flame, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - yellow.bk2
In 05:10.90 (18685 frames), 15338 rerecords
4532 views, 227 downloads
Uploaded 9/7/2020 3:21 PM by ktwo (20 files)
Non-optimal route, only uploaded for reference.

#64873528446356604 - WIP, level 1

Ikari Warriors II - Victory Road_level1.bk2
In 01:43.86 (6242 frames), 3567 rerecords
4852 views, 241 downloads
Uploaded 7/22/2020 1:56 PM by ktwo (20 files)
WIP, level 1