Movie for NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship

#8080525146486850 - Solar Jetman, attempt to slip past that one enemy


Uploaded 7/21/2013 9:22 PM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 00:48.27 (2901 frames), 466 rerecords

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I believe the ROM I'm using is (U).
Takes the warp to planet 7 by frame 892. If anyone has ideas on speeding this up, go ahead.
Reportedly, it is possible to slip past that enemy at the end of this movie, but I'm not having success. I hit the wall, and one frame later, I hit the enemy beam. Is this (E) only?

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#8143796602738354 - Solar Jetman, current best at getting past enemy


Uploaded 7/24/2013 5:45 PM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 00:54.49 (3275 frames), 1351 rerecords

13901 views, 977 downloads

... By destroying its 48 HP, one bullet at a time.
I attempted to optimize Planet 1 for a bit. Every subpixel I could save. Wasn't enough for another frame (still get there by 892).
I did optimize the initial pick up of that fuel cell so that I would rush to that enemy faster. I also shot some enemies who were off screen.
Navigating the next part in a speedy manner looks tricky... Corner ricochets have strange properties, but apparently not good enough here...
I still am lost as to how to bypass the big enemy without destroying it. My attempts at maxing out the enemy counter didn't work out.
Warps route.

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#8147176542878440 -

Solar Jetman - bypass big enemy planet 7.fm2

Uploaded 7/24/2013 9:24 PM by ktwo (2 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 00:12.08 (726 frames), 3 rerecords

10276 views, 996 downloads

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#8171939460986207 - Solar Jetman, bypassed that enemy! Time to try the tunnel...


Uploaded 7/26/2013 12:10 AM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 01:03.41 (3811 frames), 1950 rerecords

13976 views, 1010 downloads

I am successful in getting past the big enemy through that terrain now. Note the game didn't expect me to skip a few pixels, and a piece of terrain in the lower-left corner isn't loaded properly.
It's not just position, but angle as well. I did crash into the ground at the same X-position in a few different attempts, but if I'm going to the right at some speed, it won't let me through. Left motion or no X motion seems to work. For the most part, doing this kills my momentum, but it still looks faster than killing the thing and bouncing once. More careful comparisons still need to be done, however.
One attempt through the tunnel. The horribly jagged ground looks to be nearly unavoidable. As for the bounce off the ledge near the small wormhole, I might want a higher angle than that. Picking a different method is also a possibility.
Fuel also looks to be a concern. Would like to keep the pod intact past the second big enemy.

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#8327020010578242 - Solar Jetman, tunnel attempt #2 (Looking nice)


Uploaded 8/1/2013 11:47 PM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 00:57.43 (3452 frames), 3031 rerecords

13900 views, 1034 downloads

I found a way to avoid slamming into the ground. 38 frames faster than my previous attempt which does slam into the ground. Point of measurement is the moment my Y position exceeds 0x700.
Lets see what this abuses...
  • Sub-pixel manipulation
  • Corner clip of sorts that deflects me off in an unusual direction
  • Dropping and picking up the tethered item to ignore its weight
  • Strange property of the Y velocity when it crosses the zero mark with thrusters

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#8438397313684443 - Solar Jetman, stuff after tunnel


Uploaded 8/7/2013 12:10 AM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 01:57.04 (7034 frames), 4897 rerecords

13851 views, 1043 downloads

I went back a bit to conserve the jetpod fuel. The moment I pick up the first fuel cell is where things are different. Even more abuse of maintaining height where that calculation error helps. 12 frames slow, but ensures I have enough fuel to get through, and I got through the tunnel saving another 8 frames, for a net loss of 4.
I abuse a 1-frame invincibility to enemy sprites called pausing the game at the exact moment. Instead of losing the pod, I bounce off the enemy harmlessly.
Hard to say how many more frames can be saved in the fuel collection. Optimizing that looks difficult.

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#8460679018803471 - Solar Jetman, cleared Planet 7


Uploaded 8/8/2013 12:15 AM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 04:30.18 (16238 frames), 6187 rerecords

13843 views, 1380 downloads

No crystal spinning. It's this fast without spinning up that crystal.
Minimal luck manipulation attempted. Only enough has been done to avoid enemies making well-timed fatal shots at me. Presumably, I can pull a little more money out of spawning a few easily shot enemies along the way. Mostly, I want to see how fast I can get through this planet.
Compare the published run. From first frame of Planet 7 to clearing the "travel to next planet" animation, I took 924 more frames compared to the published run. This is due to the fact I skipped some planets that would have given me items to go faster with, such as time bombs and boosters. However, the direct warp from 1 to 7 saves somewhere over 20000 frames, as opposed to going through Planet 2 and a bit of 3.

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#8480117589615625 - Solar Jetman. Look at that crystal spin!


Uploaded 8/8/2013 9:16 PM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 03:24.61 (12297 frames), 6605 rerecords

13845 views, 1073 downloads

A bit over 1000 frames slower than skipping the crystal (1068 by my measurements). That's less of a loss than I expected.
I don't know how many frames it would save to drag around wormholes, but 1000 frames doesn't look to be a hard goal to achieve. Might want to look at a few routes and estimate whether it would save roughly 20 seconds or so.
All it needs is a little optimization and some extra enemies to manipulate. Note, however, that fuel is really, really tight. With all the walls I've been crashing into, I had to stop thrusting because one more frame meant I lose the pod. I should be glad for that canister I shot.

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#8790394280676009 - Solar Jetman, liquid entry w/ 219 from enemies.


Uploaded 8/22/2013 8:37 PM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 01:41.23 (6084 frames), 2338 rerecords

13797 views, 1018 downloads

Manipulating them takes a while. But progress exists, I tell you!
There is one enemy I missed on the way through, a high-value enemy that could give another 28. I did go back to get it, but even with identical RNG state for later, it desyncs. This isn't motivating. I blame an ADC instruction being used without a known carry flag state for my Y speed, thus moving me 30 subpixels up.
For whatever reason, while trying to add P2 to my file, I ended up resetting the rerecord count. It was 7545 before this reset. I haven't manually added in this number, at this time.
For your entertainment and information, I added a few subtitles.

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#8812040509984293 - Solar Jetman. Uh, what is going on?


Uploaded 8/23/2013 8:01 PM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 01:51.18 (6682 frames), 2537 rerecords

13870 views, 1054 downloads

... Uh, what is going on?!
Turbo to the end of the movie (apologies for not savestate anchoring it). Here I am, minding my own business, TASing like usual, when... This happened.
Those stationary big enemies I need to get past? They're... Not so stationary.
Uh... What is going on?!

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#12384433340285997 - Solar Jetman. My second crystal spin attempt.


Uploaded 1/31/2014 5:14 PM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 05:23.31 (19431 frames), 6622 rerecords

13235 views, 1023 downloads

Cleared Planet 7 while giving that crystal another spin. 354 frames saved over my last attempt. I also collect the money necessary for my shopping, with plenty to spare.
With the way I handled getting through with a tethered crystal, I'm now constrained by how quickly I can give that crystal a whirl. I held on to it up until I get to that large wormhole with the Golden Ship Part.
Planet 8 is just a quick warp to Planet 13. I shouldn't have too much trouble getting to Planet 12 at this point. I'm given the impression that this game is pretty sync-stable, with the only thing to worry about is future RNG. Using player 2 can deal with any RNG related mess.
... I seemed to have gotten back to this one. Sorry for those who expected more Soul Blazer.

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#12394425950904402 - Solar Jetman. Planet 13 done. Dragging wormholes for fun!


Uploaded 2/1/2014 4:02 AM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 08:44.17 (31502 frames), 8154 rerecords

13290 views, 1031 downloads

Actually, after I get all the items in the area, I still drag a wormhole for slightly longer. This is not for show -- Dragging stuff around allows me to reach speeds up to 4 pixels per (non-lag) frame, where the usual maximum is only 3. I keep this speed as long as I do not make a thrust that would otherwise add speed to the same axis.
Because of this unforeseen speed boost, I'm a lot more confident that dragging wormholes is worth the crystal spins necessary to get this fancy jetpod.
Also, I'm used to thrusters that barely push me around, and sorely lacking when it comes to tethering items around. Having something this strong is taking some time to get used to it.

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#12430083941247869 - Solar Jetman. Anti-Gravity is faster!


Uploaded 2/2/2014 6:34 PM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 11:29.41 (41433 frames), 10945 rerecords

13254 views, 1008 downloads

It takes very little time to buy, I have to remove my time bomb to save it anyway, and carrying that wormhole around for the boosted speed appears very useful.
It beat my older time by a fairly decent margin, too. Reported Down+A at 41326 -- Old time at 42147, 821 frame saved!
Since that made pretty heavy use of the special jetpod for dragging wormholes, I have no doubt it's worth spinning the crystal. Hope to beat this game soon!
... It's tricky dealing with things to swing. I'm never really sure if I am keeping things as tight as possible.

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#12462875259092178 - Solar Jetman. Planet 12 done. Slower version.


Uploaded 2/4/2014 6:01 AM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 14:17.70 (51547 frames), 12224 rerecords

13228 views, 1047 downloads

Without the Anti-Gravity, it's kind of difficult to fool around with wormholes. I can't get vertical speed boosts with gravity either capping the speed or going against the direction I want. I probably could get horizontal boosts if I tried, but this time I haven't.
In any case, it's less interesting, too. Good thing I also did an Anti-Gravity run where I bought a second one. It synced just fine when I inserted several frames for the extra purchase.

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#12462891550207300 - Solar Jetman. Planet 12 done. Anti-Gravity all the way!


Uploaded 2/4/2014 6:02 AM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 13:59.11 (50430 frames), 14391 rerecords

13272 views, 1086 downloads

This is the version with two Anti-Gravity items bought and used.
See me drag that wormhole through the maze even though you never see me use the wormhole itself. I need its mass to go fast. The Anti-Gravity helps make things very fast.
Destiny summons.

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#12476717057354893 - Solar Jetman. Don't buy the bomb.


Uploaded 2/4/2014 8:58 PM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 13:55.99 (50242 frames), 14909 rerecords

13329 views, 1023 downloads

188 frames saved (edit: where's my math skills?). Skipped the Time Bomb, plus I optimized getting Planet 13's ship part.
After I aligned the RNG back to what I had in my prior TAS, it synced perfectly. Note player 1's input at the crystal results screen. That's a bit of work I don't have to do now. Of course, I also removed the extra movement necessary to select the item after the bombs, as I no longer have them. Still syncs.

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#12525896296055538 - Solar Jetman completed. Completed run, version 1.


Uploaded 2/7/2014 2:08 AM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 16:16.64 (58695 frames), 16345 rerecords

13208 views, 1099 downloads

Seems that eye boss uses the RNG to determine when to open those eyes after the first time. I have not figured out how to prevent an eye from spawning, though I did figure out how to get those eyes to open exactly when I wanted them to. The time they take to close again is fixed, that can't be manipulated. 10 HP, only enough time for nine shots before they close, but they can re-open very quickly.
The last stage is tiring. Was not a fun thing to TAS when I've got a lot of time for interesting nothings in particular.
Note my weapon bar is draining the whole time. The game forgot to shut off the Anti-Gravity I had. Has absolutely no effect here either way, so it empties without any interference.

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#12531497925152203 - My Solar Jetman info script (w/ TASEditor helper code)


Uploaded 2/7/2014 8:11 AM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

13449 views, 1104 downloads

Exact script I've been using in my TAS of Solar Jetman. Wait, why didn't I upload this earlier?
Can be run without TASEditor engaged. The display works fine without it, don't worry.
Shows the following:
  • Top-left corner: Tether position, tether speed (but not direction), in hexadecimal
  • Bottom-left corner: Wall invincibility timer (dec), Fuel remaining (hex), weapon power remaining (hex)
  • Top: RNG information. The 1s and 0s is simply showing the right four-digit hex number in binary. Hard to describe these RNGs here.
  • Top-right corner: Object counts: Player, your bullets, item, enemy bullets, enemy type A, enemy type B
  • Bottom-right corner: Facing, Speed, and position, all in hex. There's also a frame counter down there, also in hex.
  • Dot radar shows existing objects, using pixels with distances scaled down for off-screen detection. Hold Z to blackout the screen to see these dots better.
If you're going to complain about the fact I use hexadecimal often, I do it because it is not intuitive for me to recall that the maximum speed is 768 rather than 0x300, and 768 does not instantly tell me that it's 3 pixels per frame, while 0x300 does. It gets really bad on screen space if I decide to divide 768 by 256 so I see 3 at max speed but 2.99609375 when I'm really close. Also, if I do divide by 256, how am I supposed to memorize that 0.00390625 is the smallest unit? How much of a full pixel if I see a decimal 98, anyway?
If the numbers line up cleanly in decimal, I would have used it. Most of them don't, for my purposes. So I read them in hexadecimal. Makes sense to me. This is the exact script I'm using, specifically for my use, except TASe_XOR_SJ.lua is the filename I use. This is likely the final version of this script, as my TASing attempts for Solar Jetman is near its end.

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#12590050333964845 - Solar Jetman. No initial reset version.


Uploaded 2/9/2014 11:28 PM by FatRatKnight (18 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 16:25.16 (59207 frames), 16347 rerecords

13316 views, 1060 downloads

We're having trouble syncing my Solar Jetman TAS on console. If this version works, I'll slap my headband. This version omits the initial reset and inserts 512 frames, all of which ended up being lag that doesn't read the controller.
There should be two blank non-lag frames followed by a start press on the third non-lag frame.

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#12852061334348625 - Solar Jetman (U) - $03AF = 1

Solar Jetman.fm2

Uploaded 2/21/2014 6:40 PM by feos (1 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 15:15.85 (55042 frames), 18245 rerecords

11601 views, 1082 downloads

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#58524046396026308 -

Solar Jetman - warp 1 to 8.fm2

Uploaded 10/10/2019 3:07 PM by ktwo (2 files)

For Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

In 00:45.09 (2710 frames), 16 rerecords

3323 views, 396 downloads

Showing off the second warp that sometimes appears in planet 1. The second warp leads to planet 8. Using this warp is several minutes faster than the currently published TAS. The movie is uploaded to allow analysis of the mechanics behind the second warp appearing.

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