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#51777390615113172 - Correction

nymx KrustySuperFunHouse (v2-141).lsmv
In 1:11:00.70 (256063 frames), 207693 rerecords
3495 views, 616 downloads
Uploaded 12/10/2018 7:00 PM by nymx (1 files)
This correction is to replace the existing submitted input file for
It is 123 frames faster. The improvement came from finding another "Free Krusty" at the end of Area 3. Reorganizing the use of them, I found that an extra death can be applied to the 3rd visited room of Area 3. I discovered this mistake after reviewing Iceplug's WR again and saw the extra Krusty...which I thought that I had ruled out. His version is 1.0, while mine is i thought that i didn't have one there.