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#638443249272031015 - Master of Darkness Movement Tracking Script

MoD Right.lua
Uploaded 2/23/2024 10:42 PM by The8bitbeast (see all 35)

#43805306411011384 - LUA Master of Darkness sms

Master of Darkness (E)hitbox watcher.lua
Uploaded 12/16/2017 6:24 PM by zoboner (see all 35)
Watch all hitbox, Fast walk after hit visual assist, RNG breaker (only for first phase true last boss),time watcher (levels end).
Not finish to set hitbox, I doing this a later when I have a time!

#43053795411293027 - Master of Darkness Ultra pacifist

Master of Darkness (E)UPz1.bk2
In 04:17.06 (15404 frames), 4457 rerecords
Uploaded 11/12/2017 10:08 PM by zoboner (see all 35)

#43053743696448257 - Master of Darkness pacifist

Master of Darkness (E)Pz1.bk2
In 03:52.22 (13915 frames), 5784 rerecords
Uploaded 11/12/2017 10:04 PM by zoboner (see all 35)

#43048399525067034 - Master of Darkness improvement

M of Darkness (E)Z1.6.bk2
In 17:52.31 (64256 frames), 23175 rerecords
Uploaded 11/12/2017 4:18 PM by zoboner (see all 35)


-Phantom lag phenomenon :

 At some moments ( when a numerous enemies is at same moment  on 
screen... ), game have a phantom lag frames and don't permit you to
doing input entry, but this is not a lag because emulation don't added
lag in counter and you don't lose time because all of 2 frames the
position is recalculated at 1 pixel added into the direction chose.
You can take advantage of that and making the best inputs for to being
ejected of more pixels as possible.

-Boss 3 :

  Have a best position and use phantom lag to permit one more hit and 
erase 1 cycle boss's pattern move ( under the screen ).

-Boss 4 :

 Manipulate luck to have the best finish boss placement to save 
ending animation and won time.

-Final Boss phase 1 :

 Uses the best luck manipulation as possible.
Indeed platforms position is affected by the frame count before you
starting fight, character position and last action ( walk, hit... )
before the speak box loading.
I found 4 different platform position and take the best to have the 
fastest fight. After the first platform is loading, the others fallen
always at the same position for
this cycle ( position is fixed ).

-Final Boss phase 2 :

 Uses luck manipulation and I searched how to detect boss's hitbox 
with X,Y positions, " I/O " states and invulnerability's time state
after hitting. After to doing this studies, I know that the hitbox
back to the last position during a few frames before go back to the
normal cycle.
You can now destroyed Dracula as fast as possible!

-Jewels kill :

 It's just an correction in level 3, I take a jewel to destroying all 
enemies at the same time and won 21 frames.
I'll doing a more detailed text improvement and tricks explanation
(with ram addresses, GIF to analyse action ... ) when I have a time!

#42922848245913658 - [TAS]Master of Darkness (SMS)Pacifist L2

Master of Darkness (E)Pz1.bk2
In 02:31.53 (9080 frames), 3087 rerecords
Uploaded 11/7/2017 12:36 AM by zoboner (see all 35)

#42897542548494764 - [TAS]Master of Darkness (SMS)Pacifist L1

Master of Darkness (E)Pz1.bk2
In 01:25.33 (5113 frames), 2254 rerecords
Uploaded 11/5/2017 9:15 PM by zoboner (see all 35)

#42761118110188588 - WIP L4, L5 & L6

M of Darkness (E)Z1.4.bk2
In 07:47.09 (27989 frames), 8600 rerecords
Uploaded 10/30/2017 5:47 PM by zoboner (see all 35)

#42721404711258961 - WIP L1,L2,L3... Save 73 frames

M of Darkness (E)Z1.3.bk2
In 03:48.31 (13681 frames), 4299 rerecords
Uploaded 10/28/2017 10:52 PM by zoboner (see all 35)

#42700410378517760 - WIP L1,L2,L3...

M of Darkness (E)Z1.2.bk2
In 03:49.66 (13762 frames), 3326 rerecords
Uploaded 10/28/2017 12:10 AM by zoboner (see all 35)