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#637805667552639361 - Mega Man: The Power Battle - MAMEHawk CPS1 test up to Cut Man

Mega Man - CPS1 test up to Cut Man.bk2
In 01:12.00 (4334 frames), 2468 rerecords
Uploaded 2/16/2022 12:05 AM by Darkman425 (see all 49)
MAME game name: megaman
Full name: Mega Man: The Power Battle (CPS1, USA 951006)
DIP switches set to hardest difficulty, the rest default
I mostly did this as a test for CPS1 arcade hardware sync. The movie syncs but I'm probably not gonna finish this since Cut Man RNG is a real thorn in my side. Maybe someone else will come along to finish what I started.
This is an improvement to an old submission for in-game times. The improvements for the parts I did complete as follows:
Ice Man - 7.54 seconds, 0.58 second faster due to only using medium charge shots after the initial large charge shot.
Heat Man - 2.29 seconds, no change in time.
Wood Man - 2.18 seconds, 0.04 second faster due to shots used after launching the second charged atomic fire shot.
It might be possible that a different boss route could save time. Mostly think of Cut Man first since Wood Man goes down quickly enough with charged atomic fire and leaf shield is so bad in this game that using a non-weakness weapon is better.