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#43915890102846610 - George Forman's RAM watch

George Foreman's KO Boxing (E).wch
Uploaded 12/21/2017 5:55 PM by zoboner (see all 35)

#43915863041101784 - George foreman's RNG watcher lua

George Foreman's KO Boxing (E)rng.lua
Uploaded 12/21/2017 5:54 PM by zoboner (see all 35)
When you play the lua, it open an box to watch on the down side on screen, to have all informations.
On left you watch, all the buttons that are currently pressed by the user.
At right side of inputs watcher, you have "enemy fall", to know if enemy fall before your hit are finish.
"N° time enemy fall", to know how time the enemy are fallen (1,2 or 3)
"get up", to know how many time you wait for that enemy get up after an K.O (on K.O screen).
"X-hit", to know the damages value of combos or simple hit.
At right side you can watch RNG indicator. To use correctly this information you should know that :
It have 2 conditions to obtain a technical knock out, enemy must be 2 times K.O before the T.K.O and at the 3rd K.O he must have 0 HP.
When he is K.O the script advance and make the emulator in pause some frames before that the RNG take decision, at this moment you must past some lag frames and when you have the first blank frame you must watch the RNG indicator, if it is green you can continue because you have a perfect condition for that enemy get up at 5 (it's the minimum time to get up and the only faster solution).
It have not other solution to counter the RNG and you can won 5,33 sec by than the actual run, because in this run it have 4 times where enemy get up slower (1 K.O at 7 and 3 K.O at 6), 1 sec in game time (K.O) is equal to 64 frames, you can save 320 frames.
If you have a question to use send me a PM.

#43915861495833001 - George Foreman's RNG knoledge

George Foreman's KO Boxing (E)tabler.lua
Uploaded 12/21/2017 5:53 PM by zoboner (see all 35)
To know how the RNG number function. It function with a multiple of 8 and start at 0 (0,8,16,24,32...) to finish at 248. This script give you all possible values for know by advance when the enemy get up when he is K.O. Watch the LUA console, at left you have the RNG value and at right the " enemy get up" value. Not obligatory to use this script, I post it if you want studies how the RNG function in this game. Do a save state (2) before the enemy fallen during the round 1 or others, for this lua run correctly!