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#34163158154653466 - Chameleon Twist WIP1

Chameleon Twist TAS WIP1.bk2
In 00:21.10 (1266 frames), 6390 rerecords
Game: Chameleon Twist (N64)
8209 views, 854 downloads
Uploaded 10/8/2016 12:42 PM by TASeditor (188 files)
(10561/512, 117.3620605)u faster in XZ-plane at frame 943. Higher speed and lower angle too. Not jumping into the wall at frame 746 is better.
Sometimes jumping can alter speed, either in one direction, about 0.00001u.
When ledge-boosting delaying? movement in the direction perpendicular to the wall can give a higher speed; Delay by increasing optimality in the other, X or Z, direction, usually by changing angle.
Changing angle after boost can slow down speed decrease.
TODO: Optimize stuff from above, maybe 0.2u can be saved.
Old TAS can be converted to a bk2 file.