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#41116930443853757 - S3K - Knuckles 100% improved special stages

In 44:27.73 (159858 frames), 34105 rerecords
Game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Genesis)
14161 views, 1137 downloads
Uploaded 8/17/2017 4:40 PM by Evil_3D (6 files)
This is a improved version of my previous Knuckles 100%. Tha main improvements is thanks to joojamoi for improved the 14 special stages thanks to a new glitch to save time.
The bad side is the movie desync in some zones and I helped him in this part and luckily I improved some zones.
These are
LevelNew timeOld time
Flying Battery 21:16.301:17.04
Sandopolis 21:03.181:08.40
Lava Reef 20:42.070:44.14
Sky Sanctuary0:57.070:57.06
Sky Sactuary I lost 1 frame because Mecha Sonic has a very unfriendly attack patterns and with the new times the patters changes drastically, so when SSZ start I do micro pauses to manipulate his attack patterns. It's a shame to have lost 1 frame here, but hey, if I had not done the pauses I would have lost 10+ seconds.