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#42668396199674685 - Wizards & Warriors III Thief Guild Guardian Despawn

In 01:08.45 (4114 frames), 118 rerecords
5432 views, 825 downloads
Uploaded 10/26/2017 1:34 PM by Dacicus (26 files)
Unoptimized input file that despawns the thief guild guardian. The relevant input starts around frame 3400. To be used for debugging this glitch, which originally was discovered by theLimitBreak here. Unknown if this is faster than the current method of taking damage to get through the guardian.
The assembly at 08:83F2 seems to be relevant for spawning enemies. The guardian specifically is checked when $00BD is 0x1B. The LDA ($22),Y instructions load the enemy X low byte, enemy X high byte, enemy Y low byte, and enemy Y high byte, in that order. Jumps and branches to $83FE and $8485 end the processing for the current enemy.