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#59815368861963274 - [NeoGeo] Samurai Shodown WanFu


Uploaded 12/7/2019 6:50 PM by Ninja-kun (3 files)

For Arcade

In 17:28.33 (62900 frames), 5994 rerecords

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This is a Tool-Assisted Speedrun movie for the Neogeo game "Samurai Showdown" (Japanese "Samurai Spirits"). A player character is Wan-Fu.
Basically a goal is to complete the game as quickly as possible, however, just using normal-strong slashes repeatedly is not attractive as a movie, so I also tried to include as many special moves or combos as I can. e.g. Jumping strong slash -> strong slash -> Slicing Gust
Measured the time from the beginning of the game = power on, including Dip-Switch control, to the last input at Amakusa stage when I skipped the last score count. The last input frame is around 46,900, the time is around 13:01.46. Not sure how I can confirm when is the last input, and how to cut movies as such, so this movie is including all Endings in a frame-count even though the input is already over.

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