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#62816777246534059 - Another World Circuit

In 11:05.98 (40025 frames), 3312 rerecords
4336 views, 540 downloads
Uploaded 4/20/2020 10:54 PM by DJ Incendration (103 files)
Here's the List of times: King Hippo (37.61): Perfect. Great Tiger (47.48): Also perfect. Piston Honda (39.97): Changed the order from McHazard's TAS to reflect the order of RTA runs. Still perfect. Soda Popinski (45.25): Soda's laugh is cut off, and for some reason, the in-game clock starts sooner, even though it's the exact same time in real time. Bald Bull (1:08.82): Not perfect. 1:08.48 is the best one could get, but I was dumb and used the old strat. Don Flamenco (58.25): Seemed perfect; I don't know what made me lose time. Mr. Sandman (2:16.61): Not totally sure what caused this either. Super Macho Man (44.25): Not perfect. Mike Tyson (1:58): May be perfect depending on the decimal; 1:58 is good either way. Total: 595.99=9:55.99 Total improvement: 1.82/78 Perfect time: 9:55.51 (maybe)