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#637887625414606032 - Unfabulous In 45:52.98

Unfabulous (USA) Improvement ~ 30 Seconds.bk2

Uploaded 5/21/2022 8:42 PM by Technickle (79 files)

For Game Boy Advance

In 45:52.98 (164429 frames), 10325 rerecords

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Corrected Time

  • This is the correct after-credits version since there are 2 extra dialogue boxes to go through, therefore, it makes sense to end it after that.

Improved by

  • 1,795 frames or 30 seconds


  • Improves the previous movie
  • goes for fastest completion (still more room to improve if, I can somehow manipulate items gotten via NPCs).
  • Abuses Programming Errors
  • Glitch Abuse
  • Some Entertainment Value

Textbox Abuse

  • Textboxes, instead of having to wait out 22 frames before a textbox can advance, I can advance very early by abusing the pause function. This works by pressing start right before a textbox will appear (not right on the frame where it shows up), and it will end the textbox quicker, by pressing start and A, and then A again to continue the string.

Textbox Boundaries

  • Some textboxes have a way to start a conversation, run away, and sometimes jump in order to go the opposite direction, this is useful for things like phone calls or getting the red dress from the dress shop.

Loading Zone Zip Jumping

  • This is done by pressing Up on a loading zone area, like 'Exit' in School, and pressing A on the same frame, which will cancel, leaving, and make Addie zip a little bit further down the hallway/house/mall. This saves 15 to 30 frames. 15 frames if ='d to 1 30 frames if ='d to 2 or more, ETC.

Item Receive Cancel

  • By starting a conversation with an NPC who gives an important item for story purposes, I can leave as soon as the textbox appears, and head to the next area, or closer to the next area. This works, since it's waiting for the player to press A to confirm that's what they wanted from the NPC. This can trick the game by leaving a certain area and pressing A right as the screen is nearly done fading, and it will cancel the animation of Addie getting the item, and giving me the item anyway in return.

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