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#637907623105409166 - Tetris Attack - Puzzle Mode No Extras

Tetris Attack (USA) (En,Ja) Puzzle Mode No Extras.bk2
In 16:22.44 (59044 frames), 2348 rerecords
Game: Tetris Attack (SNES)
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Uploaded 6/14/2022 12:11 AM by Technickle (117 files)
This Puzzle Mode cuts out the extra levels for fluff, so it's a little less than half the length of the movie that does do extras.
Also, not sure what happens sometimes with IGT, although I do everything, in the same manner, I see in the movie for extras. It could probably be improved if it's not an emulator bug, even if it's by 1 or 2 seconds.

Movie Goals

  • Uses Bizhawk 2.8
  • Aims for the Fastest Time
  • Provides Entertainment Value (with game cursor) - Spells TAS (secretly, requires extra slow motion to view), Messes Around Etc.
  • Genre - Puzzle

What is Puzzle Mode

  • Puzzle Mode is a mode in Tetris Attack, that has a set sequence of blocks, and a set sequence of chains and combos. Puzzle Mode serves not only as a challenge to the player to find the solution, but, to teach the player how the game works.

Stage by Stage Puzzle Solutions (written in a cryptic language to confuse the solver)

  • Yoshi: 1-01 ~ Move the Red block to the right to match 3
  • Yoshi: 1-02 ~ Move Teal block from bottom block to the right to match 4
  • Yoshi: 1-03 ~ Switch Green and Red blocks on the top to match 6
  • Yoshi: 1-04 ~ Switch Yellow and Dark Blue in the middle to match 10
  • Yoshi: 1-05 ~ Move Teal block from the far right to the left. Let it connect and the Green block will chain for 3x3
  • Yoshi: 1-06 ~ Bottom middle Purple and Red block swap to match 6
  • Yoshi: 1-07 ~ Teal block from the middle of the Red blocks, move that to the left for to fall to the bottom Teal blocks. The Red blocks will follow for a 4 match
  • Yoshi: 1-08 ~ Yellow block and Purple block swap on the right edge for a 6 match
  • Yoshi: 1-09 ~ Green block on the stairs, move to the left for a 3, and a chain x2 for the Teal blocks
  • Yoshi: 1-10 ~ Move Red and Yellow blocks at the bottom, and do the same for the top. Match the middle for a 10
[*Yoshi - 0'19]
  • Lakitu: 1-01 ~ Move red block out to the left, thus yellow will fall for chain & a match 4 with x2/4
  • Lakitu: 1-02 ~ Move Dark Blue block to the left, and thou shall fall with green. Dark Blue will fall from the top and match for 3 via x2
    • will update with more soon TM**