Tetris Attack



  • Panel de Pon
  • Puzzle


This movie was played on Panel De Pon, the Japanese version of Tetris Attack.
The only difference in gameplay between the two versions is how the scoring system works. Instead of doing many combos in a chain as in the US version movie, author zvsp uses a few very large combos to reach the goal about 30 seconds faster, finishing with an ingame time of 0'25.
Zvsp also improves the previous run by 00:01.32 seconds by selecting his character in the optimal way.
This Tetris Attack movie aims to get the highest score in the shortest amount of time possible. The result is obtained by executing multiple combos simultaneously, building them up to level 13. Combo bonuses are no longer awarded after getting 13 consecutively due to a bug in the game.
The level of play is far and above what any human could do in real-time on this game.
This is an improvement of 00:07.88 over the previous movie by the same author, zvsp. He does this primarily by starting each chain with one explosion. That way, he can explode the saved blocks during the chain, which, thanks to a glitch, gets him around 25000 points for every 13x chain. This allows him to beat the game in four chains instead of the previous five.
Tetris Attack is a 1995 puzzle video game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.
The blocks steadily rise towards the top of the playfield, with new blocks being added at the bottom. Several game modes are present, including a time attack and multiplayer mode.
This movie plays through the Puzzle mode, which presents Bluely, ThunderAxe31 & mathgrant with a number of puzzles where they clear all of the blocks in a set number of moves — the blocks here do not rise towards the top. The Extra levels are included: they are accessed by entering a password that is normally obtained by beating the regular levels of the Puzzle mode.

Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Sha1 Md5 Platform
Good Tetris Attack (Europe) (En,Ja).sfc E 08E01F9AD5B6148E1A4355C80E2B23D8B2463443 90854FCF608034C654745AE24411EF7A SNES
Good Tetris Attack (USA) (En,Ja).sfc U 2DC56EAB3E70C0910AE47119D8B69F494E6000DF 44BB94606356F1C0965E12BBC50866B3 SNES
Good Panel de Pon (Japan).sfc Panel de Pon J EAD855D774C9943F7FFB5B4F429B2DD07FB6F606 CE9B7F3572867F3C1C6FF889B02A63A4 SNES