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#638437090755331746 - Grand Poo World 3 (all exits, hard mode)

Grand Poo World 3-1.bk2
In 1:18:28.35 (282966 frames), 16105 rerecords
Uploaded 2/16/2024 7:37 PM by Evan0512 (see all 6)
While making another Grand Poo World 3 TAS, I found significant improvement on most levels and took the hard mode in the Tower of Fate, an RNG manipulation of 81 rooms that you have to finish without dying. Once I go through all 81 rooms, a character select is unlocked. The DDR Bowser part has all the arrows marked "perfect!", making this game 100% complete. In the credits, the airship removed some of the text after defeating airship Bowser in the level "So Long".
Because GPW3 is rejected for bugs related to the graphics, it can be found on the creator's file bin (although it was slightly different from the original, with bugs fixed).