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#638437090755331746 - Grand Poo World 3 (all exits, hard mode)

Grand Poo World 3-1.bk2
In 1:18:28.35 (282966 frames), 16105 rerecords
Uploaded 5 days ago by Evan0512 (see all 5)
While making another Grand Poo World 3 TAS, I found significant improvement on most levels and took the hard mode in the Tower of Fate, an RNG manipulation of 81 rooms that you have to finish without dying. Once I go through all 81 rooms, a character select is unlocked. The DDR Bowser part has all the arrows marked "perfect!", making this game 100% complete. In the credits, the airship removed some of the text after defeating airship Bowser in the level "So Long".
Because GPW3 is rejected for bugs related to the graphics, it can be found on the creator's file bin (although it was slightly different from the original, with bugs fixed).

#638401726796647053 - Grand Poo World III "all exits"

Grand Poo World 3.bk2
In 1:14:48.34 (269744 frames), 10925 rerecords
Uploaded 1/6/2024 9:17 PM by Evan0512 (see all 5)
Grand Poo World III is the third installment of the Grand Poo World series, a ROM hack made by Barbarian released in 2023. Work started a day after the ROM hack and completed all 41 exits. There are glitches and lags in the game. Most of the levels are located on islands that require an airship that can be rewarded after clearing the first part of the game (6 exits), can be done in order until the Tower of Fate, and the last six exits are fixed, including a puzzle level and the final boss on the final part of the game.

#67925678735138842 - Where's Waldo (incomplete)

Where's Waldo (U)-0.fm2
In 01:30.85 (5460 frames), 338 rerecords
Game: Where's Waldo? ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 12/7/2020 12:50 AM by Evan0512 (see all 5)
I need help on how to get to the end of the subway level on Where's Waldo. It is a waste of time because on hard mode it was different than the last published TAS. The last two levels were not completed. I ended the movie when the subway level started.

#67041140116136680 - Hong Kong 97 "one cycle"

Hong Kong 97 (PD) [h4C].bk2
In 00:36.67 (2204 frames), 126 rerecords
Game: Hong Kong 97 ( SNES, see all files )
1 comment, 288 downloads
Uploaded 10/28/2020 4:47 AM by Evan0512 (see all 5)
It was a homebrew game made in Happysoft in 1995. It was only available in SNES and there were three languages. I chose Japanese because it saves time when changing these three languages.
There is only one button that shoots bullets: the Y button. The other buttons were useless, and in the story, I pressed any button.
The game has three types of people: the soldier walks constantly vertically while the second person walks much faster and it walks diagonally. The third person shoots bullets while walking fastly and diagonally. After 30 people were shot by the player, the boss appears, and when defeated, it repeats in an endless loop. I have to let a player die because there is no lives or health points, by only touching a soldier or an enemy. A game over screen goes into the credits (Japanese only) and the game repeats again.
There is only one powerup. The syringe makes him invisible for a few seconds. Opposite, the green coin with a white circle makes him invisible for a few seconds and die automatically without touching anything.
The background randomizes every time it started. The score is in Chinese characters and it was useless. There were five backgrounds, which was mistakened as stages, there is only one level actually. I did one cycle, which took 35 seconds to complete. The background changes to pink when there is a boss and blue for normal. The song started and continues infinitely.
Took at least 0.4 seconds off when selecting language and 0.8 seconds after defeating the boss so that the player dies.

#49601806105296726 - Track and Field II

Track and Field 2 (U).bk2
In 32:07.09 (115816 frames), 938 rerecords
Uploaded 9/3/2018 7:32 PM by Evan0512 (see all 5)